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Towards a Patent Commons for high-altitude wind energy

An appeal from Marco Guistini:

Contact Marco via ♫ gmagius@gmail.com

"In Italy I'm involved as supporter in a project related to not-scarce
renewable energy production. This project is called (Kitegen
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitegen). Actually we're trying with lots
of difficulties to start the first onsite Kitegen (Kitegen Stem) in
the northern Italy.

But the reason why I'm writing here is not technical.

The technology behind Kitegen is worldwide patented and he the
inventor, Mr. Ippolito, refused to sell patents to energy
multinationals, because he believes that Kitegen could be a tool to
produce not-scarce energy to free people.

He's aware of attempts to extend the free-software paradigm in the
real world and he could be interested to eventually give his patents
to a collective entity (i.e. a no-profit foundation), if it will work
to spread widely his technology, balancing profit with commons'

We created in Italy a public company to support the project that
collected from people 1 million euro, but is not enough. We need

We wish to build something really new, a free (free as in free beer!)
enterprise, commons-based, working on crowdsourcing.

Could you help us to implement a model like this?

Marco "magius" Giustini

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