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Towards a European Charter of the Commons, campaign for European Alternatives

Via over forty organisations, networks and social movements from at least seven European countries are committed to attending the forum. This will be a real opportunity to build European networks and campaigns that will take concrete forms in follow-up meetings in Spain, the UK, Romania, Bulgaria and France in the next months to continue the work begun in Rome. The emphasis on concrete campaigns will be the starting point to engage in a reflection on the revision of the EU Treaties, to propose an alternative vision of Europe. The Italian organisations behind this the event are the International University College Turin (IUC), European Alternatives, Centro Studi per l’Alternativa Comune, Municipality of Naples, Basic Income Network, Tilt, Il Manifesto, Rete della Conoscenza, Altramente and Arci. Attached here for your convenience is a draft version of the program and the Charter, which was prepared in the first meeting at the IUC on December 2nd and 3rd . For further updates on the meeting, campaign, and charter see: http://www.commonssense.it/.

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