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THIS IS OUR WORLD: A participatory nomadic documentary

Via Synnove Mathe:

A group of young people (16 - 19 years old) going to surf the world traveling in a sustainable way, just visiting free and public spaces, participatory events and iniciatives, knowing artivists and nomadic persons and projects, hubs, co-working spaces, etc.

We will know more about some key concepts as co-working, nomadology, localvores, artivism, "pro-comun", open and participatory spaces, urbanism communicative, etc.

At same time, the travelers going to be in contact with differents youth iniciatives around the globe thru videoconferences. They going to be theirs travel mates. Supporting all this, a radio programm, a web site and a magazine.

This is our world has a double meaning, in one side means this is what we are doing around the globe, and in the other, this world (all world) belongs to people not to companies, politicals, etc so travel in direct contact with people, without a big budget (or without any kind of budget haha), it's the better way I know to show humanity has a lot of alternatives, capitalism is the disease not the solution. And all these alternatives are participatory and creative as human spirit !!

All film crew should be nomadic people, and the travellers would be selected according their motivation, among all young people who would like to participate.

For more info, contact Synnove Mathe via synnove.mathe at gmail

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