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The "Reclaim the Commons" global call

Via Silke Helfrich, About the Commons Campaign

More info via http://bienscommuns.org/signature/appel/?a=infos&i=apropos&lang=en

This website is dedicated to the collection of signatures for the "Reclaim the Commons" global call, launched at the World Social Forum held in Belém do Pará (Brazil) in January, 2009.

The presentation of the "Reclaim the Commons" manifesto, on the occasion of the Belém WSF 2009, was the starting point of an international mobilization campaign to reclaim, protect and re-create the commons.

The purpose of this campaign is to popularize the notion of Commons by opening a participatory space which allows us to share and discuss ideas and initiatives concerning the future of the commons.

The Manifesto is just a starting point. Everybody is invited to critically comment on it and to share his/her visions, ideas and commons-related practices. It goes without saying, that the Manifesto (closely) refers to numerous texts and ideas that have been produced during the last few years.

We cordially invite everybody to sign the Manifesto, to discuss it and to spread the word.

The initiatives and practices concerning the various aspects of the Commons are numerous and of prodigious diversity. Farmers, educators, patients, technicians, activists, scientists, artists, parents, etc., they all fight daily for the Commons, with imagination and creativity.

The objective of this campaign is to bring those initiatives together, to multiply their impacts, by creating new ties among the commoners worldwide, both in cyberspace and in person. Our hope is to facilitate the genesis of new ideas and mobilizations - as free, creative, and diverse as possible.

We invite everybody to present your initiatives for reclaiming, protecting or creating the commons at the following site: http://commons-campaign.org. Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your initiative and this campaign; call your friends and colleagues to sign the Manifesto, connect people and their organizations so that the Commons becomes a top issue on the agenda of global social movements.

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