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A project to perpetuate the creative and cooperative spirit of the occupations and transform them into lasting forms of social organization.


2011 November 2, A platform for our movement
2012 February 13, Call for coders


The goal of the Global Square is to perpetuate and spread the creative and cooperative spirit of the occupations and transform this into lasting forms of social organization, at the global as well as the local level.

The organization of the 2011 protests and the collaboration between them has rested in part upon the innovative use of social media. However, as a group of volunteers who were directly involved in the coordination of the worldwide protests, we have found the existing social media to be increasingly restrictive in its functionality. While Facebook and Twitter have been very helpful for disseminating basic information and aiding mass mobilization, they do not provide us with the tools for extending our participatory model of decision-making beyond the direct reach of the assemblies and up to the global level. Neither do they provide us with project management tools for our working groups.

We need a platform that allows us to add function and clarity to our global organizational efforts, while maintaining the independence of each local structure. In addition to the local squares, which must have the flexibility to accommodate whichever governance and communication model is decided on by each region, we also need a global square where people around the world can come together to participate in the coordination of collective actions and the formulation of common goals and aspirations. It must combine the communicative functions of the existing social networks with the organizational functions of the assemblies and provide flexibility for the future. It will provide a space for development of work systems of global interest, avoiding redundancy and allowing expertise and effort to be shared. It will allow for great organizational flexibility, so that every section of the movement can work in the organizational style that is most appropriate for them.

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