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via David Hood:

Gathering '11 gave us the opportunity to connect and discover what's happening and what's possible in the edges. Gathering '12 is an opportunity to build on that foundation, establish networks and practices for collaboration, and develop the skills and literacies to collaboratively envision, design and create whole systems solutions to our most pressing social and environmental issues.

Gathering '12 - The Power to Transform: Community, Culture & Systems

This year we'll come together again and explore how emerging social technologies, open and collaborative practices, networked approaches and new models for business are helping create shared value and transforming community, culture and systems all around the world.

This year we've got more time, and more great experiences coming you're way over four full days:

  • The Gathering '12 Unconference (20-22 September): presentations, lightning talks, World Café, Open Space and workshops given, run, led and facilitated by participants - and we're all participants.
  • The Gathering '12 Project Jam (23 September): bring your ideas and we'll run you through a facilitated process to to take them from concept to project plan, troubleshoot any problems and outline a plan for action.

We've an amazing lineup of Featured Participants coming together for Gathering this year including:

  • Tim Winton - Sustainability and permaculture practitioner and educator. Developed Pattern Dynamics - a method of understanding natural systems and for leveraging those understandings in managing complexity.
  • Vicki Buck - Former Mayor of Christchurch, Co-founder of the Ministry of Awesome in Christchurch, and named by the Guardian, as one of the 50 people who could save the planet.
  • Professor Valerie Brown AO - Researcher on the human capacity for transformational change and author of several books including: Tackling Wicked Problems; A Guide to Collective Thinking & Action;  and Towards Whole of Community Engagement.
  • Tom Dawkins - Co-founder of social change crowdfunding platform StartSomeGood, Founder & former CEO Vibewire Youth Inc., and former Social Media Director at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
  • Annalie Killian - Director of Innovation at AMP and founder of the biannual AMPlify Festival of Innovation and Thought Leadership
  • Darryl Nichols & Andrew Valder - Founders of The Garage Sale Trail which had over 150,000 participants in 2012, helped raise funds for schools & community groups all around Australia and has become a platform for community connectivity.

I'm also very glad to have the brilliant Michelle James and excellent Michel Bauwens coming back to Melbourne to join us for Gathering '12. :)

Check out our new website for more information on Gathering '12 and our growing list of
Featured Participants.

If you're quick you can pick up an early bird ticket for you, a friend or colleague. And if you're keen to contribute to making Gathering '12 happen, check out our Angel Supporter and Angel Partner tickets.

What are the small moves smartly that can set big things in motion, transform our communities, culture and systems and enable all to thrive? Let's find out together.

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