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Via David Isenberg:

Plug into the Emerging Internet Economy . . .

. . . at F2C: Freedom to Connect, March 30 & 31,
2009 in Washington DC. Details at
Extremely early price, $295 in effect
through 12/31/08. Register here:

F2C: Freedom to Connect 2009 presents the people
of the Internet who enable economic growth,
strengthen democracy, facilitate creativity and
innovation, make the Earth greener and lower the
barriers that divide people.

This year, the theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect is
The Emerging Internet Economy. We will tell the
story of on-line, network-enabled industry,
culture, new jobs and sustainable growth. We will
dive into Burlington VT, where a municipal fiber
network enables on-line business, artistic
endeavor, and experiments in telemedicine and city
governance. We will tell how Lafayette LA came
together behind building its own municipal fiber
network. We'll consider the twin cities of Cedar
Falls and Waterloo, Iowa, where one twin has a
city-wide network, and the other doesn't. We'll
take a close look at the potential for Seattle,
Portland and San Francisco's plans for a united
tri-city fiber network. We'll hear about city nets
that didn't work, wired and wireless -- what went
wrong and what that teaches. We'll see through
insider's eyes what the Obama Administration's
infrastructure initiatives mean for tomorrow's
network. And more . . .

The list of distinguished speakers at F2C:
Freedom to Connect is here:
(This is updated frequently as new speakers are

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