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System Malfunction, a book about the oncoming global catastrophe and the potential of Systems Thinking to address it

Via Timothy Barker, at http://www.webjam.com/systemmalfunction

See text at http://www.webjam.com/systemmalfunction/~Media?id=2f80933d-97f2-4d4...

"System Malfunction is a book about the oncoming global catastrophe. Motivated by a need to address current systemic failings across a spectrum of observable phenomena the book utilises Systems Thinking to analyse current failings. Unfortunately, due to paradigmatic and socio-political dominance of current intellectual models Systems Thinking has very much been sidelined. It involves approaching phenomena from a ‘holistic’ perspective rather than utilising current popular reductionist modes. The first chapter delineates the Five Factor Framework (FFF) as a means of conceptualising current systems. The second chapter discursively introduces the methodology, by way of integrating with the FFF, to produce a means by which to discover the System Malfunction before it actually happens. The third chapter considers alternatives to systems and includes ethnographic studies of three UK communities as well as further discussions of anarchy."

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