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Via Kevin Werbach:

Change is in the air. The past year demonstrated the promise and the peril of our densely connected world. Old policies and practices break down when individuals self-organize into movements, data flows openly across boundaries, consumers become creators, and shocks cascade through the system. In business as in politics, new strategies are essential.

Come to Supernova 2009, December 1-3 in San Francisco, CA, to become an agent of change, rather than a victim of it.

A Time of Transition

Over the past few months, I was fortunate to see the process of change first-hand, as a member of the Obama Administration's Presidential Transition Team. We're holding Supernova later this year because of the time I was in Washington DC. The experience reinforced my conviction that governments, businesses, and individuals are having the same conversations. We have a lot to learn from one another! I'm excited to spark some of those discussions at Supernova.

Supernova 2009 Theme: Change Networks

For several years, Supernova has examined what we call the New Network: universal interconnectedness at the physical, software, and social level. Networks are central instruments of the changes sweeping our world. At the same time, networks themselves must change.

To succeed in this challenging environment, we need new infrastructure, new business models, new government policies, new industries, and new approaches that take advantage of the new network. And we can't understand these changes from a single vantage point. Insights come from appreciating the interplay of economic, technical, social, and political forces that define our era.

Embracing the Network Age

Last year, Supernova changed its format to embrace the network model. Supernova 2009 will continue that reinvention, with open forums and Challenge Sessions on topics such as:

Taking Open Data Seriously · Cloud Computing: Perfect Storm or Silver Lining? · Government's New Deal for the Tech Sector · Clash of the Platforms · Broaderband: What Comes After Universal Connectivity? · The Open Enterprise · Media: The Worst Of Times, the Best Of Times · Managing Amid Abundance: Strategies for a Connected World · Thinking Locally, Acting Globally · Infrastructure: Back to the Future? · Technology Meets Sustainability · There Must be a Business Model in Here Somewhere

Stay tuned for registration details and speaker information. Follow our Twitter account, SupernovaHub, for updates!

We invite your organization to partner with us. Leading companies such as Nokia, IBM, BT, AT&T, and Cisco, as well as top startups and VCs, have used Supernova to gain visibility and connect with thought leaders. To explore integrated speaking, blogging and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jeanne Logozzo.

Supernova: Be challenged. Be proactive. Be Productive.
We hope to see you in December!

-Kevin Werbach, Jeanne Logozzo, and the Supernova Team

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