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Recommended: The Remix the Commons video series



You can now access the series of short video interviews  made during the
Berlin IC 
Conference in November at  http://www.vimeo.com/user5449180/videos.

They will soon be available also on Youtube, dailymotion and blip.tv.

These videos are part of the  edited takes that will be uploaded to the
platform along with stock shot footage of the Berlin conference 
and  other videos and images from different sources. The collaborative 
t  is presently under construction and will be fully 
operational in a few months.

In the meantime, these videos are public and are a contribution to the
final reports and to documenting the important event you organized 
in Berlin. You can embed them on your own sites, circulate them to the
conference participants ... and are encouraged to
remix them.

A few words of introduction:

You will see  two different series:

1) Define The Commons/ Définir le Bien Commun / Definir el Procomùn:  
edited versions of short definitions of the Commons given by different 
interviewees in their respective language.
There are three versions of different lengths
Define the Commons / Définir le Bien Commun / Definir el Procomùn I  
length 1,30 mn Define the Commons / Définir le Bien Commun / Definir el
Procomùn II 
length 3mn Define the Commons / Définir le Bien Commun / Definir el
Procomùn III 
length 16mn

2) Framing the Commons in Berlin:  a series of  9 separate longer  (but
short - up to 9 mn) interviews with  Silke Helfrich, David Bollier, 
Michel Bauwens, Julio Lambing, Beatriz Busaniche, Frédéric Sultan, 
Valérie Peugeot, Rosa Maria Fernanda and Alberto Acosta, Hervé Le

All the interviews are in their original language,  The short versions 
of 'Define the Commons' (1.30 and 3 mn) in multiple languages are meant
to illustrate the plurality of cultures as well  
the plurality of definitions.

According to the spirit of the remixthecommons project, each
viewer/participant is invited to use the material to create his /her own
version with subtitles.
Here is a link to a resource for preparing different language versions: http://universalsubtitles.org/videos/

I hope you will find this material useful to help document and appraise
the exciting moment we shared in Berlin.  Viewing and editing the
material from the interviews has convinced me more than ever of the
immense potential and enthusiasm this movement can generate.

Alain Ambrosi Chercheur Associé Communautique

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