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Via Dante Monson:

Thomas Kalka is contributing to the development of a PPP experiment :


and says

" join in or invite others, which might fit ... "

Perhaps some people you know might be interested ?

more about PPP in english on the following wiki :


" PPP is investigating the social patterns which evolve, when physical goods get supported by a convenient infrastructure making them as easy publicly view- and searchable as we get used to handle virtual goods.

One of the main problems evolving towards a peer economy is the problem of transitivity: using money you can "cooperate" with strangers, having a common protocol for transaction.

PPP is investigating to discover protocol's, which make transactions between strangers as easy as using money.

Our goals:

* make it easy to publish physical goods to the web
* make it easy to find physical goods
* make it easy to use physical goods as commons not knowing each other

We can not offer solutions to this questions, but maybe we can tell stories, to nourish your imagination.


Once you are registered in a social site (like http://ppid.it). You can create a personal profile and supported with ppid-stickers.

If you want to publish a physical good, you take your mobile phone, start the ppp-app, make a picture of the ean barcode of the good, make a picture of one of the ppid-stickers, apply it to the good and you are done. "

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