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The Peer Producers Association is a new site created by Alex Rollins to invite project proposals whose members are committed to peer to peer production activities. I plan to upload the much-discussed Framework Project 7 suggestions from the Oekonux conference last week to the site, after a few more elaborations to the document I am working on. Look for this add by Friday, at which point we could take the ideas to the table and start peer-producing, if you will.

This site was launched as a follow-up to the Peer Production track at the Oekonux conference at Manchester University in Spring 2009.

This is not the same as something Athina K has proposed, which is to have a physical location for the Peer to Peer Researchers' Association at Hull University, which can of course be discussed on the site as well if people are interested.

The now-existing site has been created for the purpose of providing the following:

Networking Peer Producers
Furthering research and application in Peer Production and Peer to Peer methods and practices
Refining and publishing the operating tenets of Peer Production

On this site you can:

Create links for the link directory
Create tenets for review and ranking by the community
Learn about events and opportunities within the evolving network

Hope that helps, :-) Phoebe

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Comment by Michel Bauwens on April 8, 2009 at 18:15
This may indeed be confusing to people, but as Alex says, there are 2 projects, related but not the same. The peer producers group is an informal group created at Oekonux 4, which aims to aim funding from the EU, and will be governed by consent, and if I understood it correctly, peer vetting of new members (which doesn't preclude any open discussion on these pages). On the other hand, the P2P Research Group is an outgrowth of the 2nd P2P Foundation meet up which has organized in Nottingham in November 2007, where Athina agreed to host the association and find funding for it, but it got delayed until now. This association is open to all, and will be a vehicle not just for FP7 funding, but to profile and network all researchers involved in p2p. It will not be governed by consent, but by formal legal rules pertaining to association on the one hand (for the financial resources), will help members and non-members find financing for research, and help network and publish research.

Athina, perhaps, because I'm out of time, you can publish the points I just sent to Phoebe about the same topic.

Thanks Alex for your engagement in this group, and to Phoebe to have made it real through these pages!!

And thanks Athina for also finally realizing my dream of a formal association,

Comment by Michel Bauwens on April 8, 2009 at 18:16
sorry for the typos, I am in a rush
Comment by athina.k on April 8, 2009 at 18:30
More about the P2P research group

The fact that the P2P research group will be located 'administratively' in Hull does not exclude anyone form participating, for instance, just as the fact that the P2P Foundation is based in Amsterdam does not seem to have any ill effects. What will be discussed in November conference is the introduction of democratic procedures for the resources, everyone can contribute equally and air their opinion there, aiming for p2p freedom for the research and publications.

The form created by me, is again to clarify, for collecting a snapshot to map what people are doing, please if you are not interested in that kind of feedback, just send me name and web link/page to your work at athina.k@gmail.com

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