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Online Social Capital: An Agenda for Future Research, 22 June 2010, Singapore

Via Marko Skoric:

Online Social Capital: An Agenda for Future Research
International Communication Association 2010 Preconference
22 June 2010, Peranakan Museum, Singapore
This preconference aims to showcase the latest research examining definitional, operational and practical issues related to the study of new forms of social capital, with particular emphasis on case studies and applications beyond the US context. The proliferation of social media, online games and other platforms for online and mobile socializing suggests an increased importance of communication research for the study of social capital and its implications. The aim is to further promote this line of research and examine technological affordances of different social media platforms. Furthermore, we will examine the emerging hybrid forms of informal sociability, and discuss the (continued) importance of physical proximity and face-to-face contact for the creation and maintenance of different forms of social ties. This unique event offers a great opportunity for academics, marketing professionals, policy-makers and entrepreneurs to gain better understanding of the present and future of mediated sociability in an global context.
The registration fee is only USD$100 and includes refreshments, a lunch and a tour of Peranakan Museum. A detailed conference programme is attached with this message.
To register for the Online Social Capital preconference, please visit:


Please register for the preconference and other events before May 7 to take advantage of the early bird discount and to help us with logistics and planning for the preconference.


Marko M. Skoric (Assistant Prof) | Division of Communication Research | Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information Nanyang Technological University | 31 Nanyang Link, Singapore 637718
Tel: (65) 6316-8893 GMT+8h | Fax: (65) 6792-4329 | Email: marko@ntu.edu.sg | Web: www.ntu.edu.sg/sci

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