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New Guide by Furtherfieldorg.: The World of Free and Open Source Art

New Collection

Collaboration and Freedom – The World of Free and Open Source Art

A collection of artworks, texts and resources about freedom and openness in the arts, in the age of the Internet. Freedom to collaborate – to use, modify and redistribute ideas, artworks, experiences, media and tools. Openness to the ideas and contributions of others, and new ways of organising and making decisions together.

Curated by Furtherfield: Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett with introductory texts by Charlotte Frost and Rob Myers. Commissioned by Arts Council England for Thinking Digital.

Displayed at the ACE/Thinking Digital website
The full editable version can be found at the Foundation for P2P Alternatives wiki
Also to be presented at FLOSSIE (the Women in FLOSS conference) in London, November 15th.

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