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Meet “TRAFICANTES DE SUEÑOS” a spanish speaking copyleft publishing house and much more

If you are in the vicinity of Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá tomorrow 25th do not hesitate and pop in!!, if you are not around use the online connection (1 and 2) and you can still join us!!

Traficantes de sueños (Dream Traffickers) has been an emblematic project for years, it has grown up not only as an interesting copyleft project but mainly as possibly the most important spanish speaking publishing house of the gender.

Traficantes de sueños was borned in the 90´s in Madrid as an answer to the necesity of an autonomus movement gathering small neighborhood groups, the need of a place where self capacity building and the spread of materials for discussions was in the axe. It became a place of meeting and exchange around books. From the begining the associative bookstore appears and they started to publish collective materials and related groups books. In 2003 the self-managed publishing house Traficantes de Suenos has been consolidate as a solid Project developing a regular publishing politic, discussing social movements, using Creative Commons licences and Copyleft and becoming the reference point of such activities in the spanish speaking world.

The self description at their books may explain better their very own project:

“Traficantes de Sueños is not a publishing house, nor an independent publication that attempts to put together a variable collection of critical texts. Is, on the contrary, a project, in the strict sense of «gamble», that aims to chart the constituent lines of other life styles.

The theorical and practical construction of the tool box that, to put it in our own words, can compose the fight cicle for the next decades without indulgence on the arcaic sacrality of the book, without concessions on the literary narcicism, without any loyalty to knowledge usurpers, Traficantes de Sueños adopts straight out the freedom of access to knowledge. It is, therefore, in any imaginable format, allowed and open the partial or total reproduction of the published texts, unless the explicit will of the author and only in the case of the editions with profit motives in mind”.

The Publishing Centre of the Social Science Faculty (National University in Bogota that has already adopted CC licences for their own texts) and Karisma Foundation had join efforts to take advantage of Blas Garzón´s presence in Bogota to arrange a small familiar chat. Blas has been in the project since the begining and is the main guest for tomorrow´s chat. Carolina Botero (Creative Commons co-lider in Colombia and Karisma´s member) and Maritza Sánchez (director of Altair, University of Antioquia lab communication web channel) will start and moderate a dialogue that we expect will lead us to understand this important experience of an associative bookstore, a publisher and a strategy for alternative distribution networks where the works can be freely downloaded, translated, and shared.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
6:00 PM
Oval Room
Graduate School Building "Rogelio Salmona"
Human Sciences Faculty
Universidad Nacional de Colombia (National University of Colombia)
Information at: editorial_fch@qunal.edu.co

If you are not around ATTENTION: Live transmision at http://radio.gathacol.net and http://altair.udea.edu.co

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