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"Meaning of Life" art-performance project, call for participation

via Yvette Dubel:

Some time back I had written a blog post about the need to find places of connection in our various concepts of what a better world is. In real practical terms, building infrastructure that works for more people means provoking conversations about how individuals see a better world working. Most importantly developing new understandings of the roles individuals play and the meaning found in them has a great deal to offer for those interested in setting free the power of untapped intangible assets,  social and creative capital.

"_____ explains the meaning of life" is the name of the series. Do you have a perspective or insights that can be used to develop a monologue and script? If so tell me about it.  Your verse or idea could grow in the lead character for this performance.


We have the seed of an idea and we need you to bring it to life. We will share the final results via YouTube and other quality video sharing networks, Facebook, and our personal blogs with full credit given to those that participate (just provide name to use, and website). You are free to use the video in your own portfolio.

Audio/Visual Know How – help us get a quality recording of the performance that can be shared online…remember you can use the video for your own portfolio. If you bring some complementary director’s vision this could get you a co-director credit.

Musician – are you a musician with spiritual sensitivity to sound and how to use it artfully?

Choreographer – do you naturally express through movement? We need help developing some light movements to gracefully transition from audience to swirling spiral.

Dancers and people who love to move – Share your gift for dance and movement by moving in our performance…do it as only you can. We need you.

Witnesses – Do you like to watch and participate from the sidelines? We need you. Use this script to get familiar with your lines. You can connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to get updates about script changes.


Visitor's area of my Research Studio: http://www.yvettedubel.com
or check it out here http://ydubel.wix.com/yvettedubelcom#!

Best always,

Contact me to discuss your needs

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Comment by Poor Richard on November 15, 2012 at 4:48
As perspectives on "the meaning of life" and "concepts of what a better world might look like" you might find something useful in these essays which directly address those issues:



Poor Richard

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