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M•CAM Releases World Health Global Innovation Commons and Social Networking Platform

Via Dr. David E. Martin:

Text: Charlottesville, VA; Washington D.C.; Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.

M•CAM is pleased to announce the publication of the fourth and final title in the Global Innovation Commons – World Health. This title now completes the four-part commitment to the world in making available the most comprehensive compilation innovation sorted by its utility for open source and generic deployment. In its World Health publication, M•CAM has included treatments, management or cures for Chagas Disease, Buruli Ulcer, Dengue Fever, Leishmaniasis, Malaria, Snake and Spider Bite and several more disorders impacting the most marginalized members of the Global Community.

The World Health section of the Global Innovation Commons is dedicated to the fields of disease prevention and public health. The list is comprised of the most neglected diseases that are prevalent in the most marginalized populations. Some of these diseases are known to have preventative measures or acute treatments that are not accessible in the areas which need it the most. Due to the nature of this section of the Global Innovation Commons, we would like to extend a message of honor to those who have died from, lost someone to, suffered from, or will contract these diseases. Without their sacrifice, the research for the treatment and prevention of these devastating diseases would not have been possible. Our goal is to create a massive global awareness about these diseases, thereby significantly reducing their effect and creating a more productive and engaged world for the future.

M•CAM has also launched a Global Innovation Commons social networking site which includes opportunities to share in Commons utilization, education, and community development.

M•CAM is pleased to acknowledge the nearly 10,000 Commoners who have made the first three months of the Global Innovation Commons an unprecedented success.

Please visit the GIC at www.globalinnovationcommons.org

Please visit the GIC Community at www.globalinnovationcommons.org/blog/

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