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Launch of P2P Urbanism and World Atlas initiative with Gruppo Salingoros, P2P Foundation, and Citleft

For more info see: http://grupposalingaros.net/en/p2p-urbanism.html

Urbanism as a shared, bottom-up process, is an historical evidence since the beginning of civilization. It follows natural patterns belonging to the intrinsic logic of space.

Proposing a peer-to-peer urbanism approach today, has deep implications, not only about the very discipline, but about society and politics. Thus, it requires a serious study, that we are carrying on together with our friends of P2P Foundation and Cityleft, under the supervision of Agatino Rizzo.

At this link you can find the first P2P Urbanism World Atlas, listing P2P urbanism initiatives in the world. On that same webpage you can register to the P2P-U mailinglist, and participate in the process of defining P2P Urbanism and signal new P2P-U initiatives to be put on the Atlas.

Down here a definition of P2P Urbanism in English (translations in other languages will follow asap). As this is a participated work, this is the 7th version, that can be modified and integrated.

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