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Launch of Online TV show on Free Culture in Spain

Via Carlos Alberto Alejandro CASTILLO Ocaranza:


Hello P2P people,

I wanted to share with you this project by Daniel Mariscal, a young video producer from Cordoba, Spain. The name is Creativos Conecta2, and it is an online TV show on Free Culture; the first program is already available at http://creativosconecta2.tv/

The program has 2 weekly segments: "Pensamiento Libre" (free thinking), with news about Free Culture, and "Creador Libre" (free creator), that is a showcase of artists that use free licenses for their work. These are presented by journalist Ana Espejo. There is also a bi-weekly segment "Documentos Libres" with a micro-documentary on a related topic [disclosure: the latter is based on my free culture podcast].

Well, what I wanted to ask you guys is to encourage him in any way you can. For instance if you know of Spanish artists that want to showcase their works in his Creador Libre segment, please go ahead and suggest them to do so. Also if you speak Spanish, and like the show, just drop him a brief e-mail or tweet.

Thank you,



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