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Launch of a global Common Course Curriculum in UN context

This is your invitation to participate in the Common Course, Oct 17 - Nov 13.

Commons Action for the United Nations, Anthroposphere Institute, Global Commons Trust and ECO-Singapore would like to invite you to participate in this free, on-line Common Course, and ask for your help in outreach to others who may find this course transformative for their work as individuals, NGO's, government representatives or business leaders.

A commons approach provides tools to rebalance the relationships between people, governments and the market sector, transitioning towards sustainability and justice for all our communities, our resource use and earth's systems.

Common Course Description

On-line, free and flexible enough for any schedule -- The Common Course lasts for four weeks. Readings and videos are posted* at the start of each week. On-line discussion and resource sharing areas are created thru the expressed interest/work focus of participants.

See: Common Course Curriculum at https://commoncourse.wikispaces.com/Common+Course+Curriculum

This particular course emphasizes commons processes and solutions for climate change and sustainable energy development.

Those preparing for COY6, COP16, KlimaForum and other climate and energy related efforts are especially encouraged to participate (... commit to take the Common Course as part of the 10-10-10 challenge to build awareness for coordinated climate action by people around the world!)

A conference call is scheduled at the end of each week on a Saturday for one hour, as part of the Common Course, with commons and climate experts available for questions and discussions.

* For those in areas with signal- or internet connection challenges, course materials can be emailed to you directly, and your questions and feedback will be added to the forums online. Course facilitators are committed to making the Common Course accessible to all. We ask for your help in making this happen.

Thanks from the Common Course Facilitators,

Leo, Robin, LJ, Mary Beth, Jay


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