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Irish Cloughjordan ecovillage to launch an Open Hardware factory with global ambitions

Via Vinay Gupta:


First, see http://blip.tv/the-hexayurt-project/the-open-factory-vinay-gupta-1-...
First 20 minutes covers all of the basic concepts, but here's the
pitch in three bulletpoints
1> We've got a 750 square meter manufacturing (zoned light industrial)
facility with the foundation poured last week, open for business late
this year.
2> We've got a world-class confluence of greens, many specialized in
construction and engineering, trying to make a living in rural Ireland
3> What if we started a new manufacturing movement, with fully Open
Hardware products *and* lifecycle environmental impact assessments
done for each product (and additional support services for best
environmental performance)?
The goal is to create a manufacturing parallel to Organic Food - a
high standard, semi-luxury brand which shows the way for all other
manufacturers to a clean, green supply chain, and shows you can make a
living with such moral, ethical, high quality products.
We don't have a name for this theoretical "Manufactured Organic" name.
Permafacture, obviously, is a term that I'd consider, but I'm not sure
we're anywhere near that standard yet. Anyway, I hope you'll find the
talk interesting and stimulating, and please feel free to circulate it
/ blog on it / etc. if you think the ideas have spreadability and
staying power.
You can read more about the Cloughjordan ecovillage project itself
here: http://cloughpedia.howtolivewiki.com - I particularly recommend
the Picasa Map.
Vinay Gupta
Free Science and Engineering in the Global Public Interest
http://hexayurt.com - free/open next generation human sheltering
http://hexayurt.com/plan - the whole systems, big picture vision

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