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Invitation for the Federated Social Web Conference in Europe , June 3-5, Berlin

Via elf Pavlik


I would like to invite you to join us for the upcoming Federated Social Web Europe Conference - June 3-5th in Berlin

And also consider joining W3C Federated Social Web incubator group (soon changing into community group)

We send invites to various projects working on protocols for federated social networking and developers of open source platforms implementing them. You can see growing list of invites here:

If you would like to join us for the conference but need help with organizing your travel and stay in Berlin, please add yourself to the list on this page:

Please also feel invited to take a closer look on the wiki of our group, still in it's early stage but already providing some information about group participants, related protocols and software - including list of open source platforms where developers already work on implementing federation or consider implementing it:

Last but not least, our public mailing list with its archives stays available here:

Looking forward to work together with you on improving interoperability of social networking platforms and increasing freedom of all of us using them!

elf Pavlik
Participant of W3C Federated Social Web Incubator Group

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