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Hacking the Way to Heaven, by Julian Fox is now available for purchase through Lulu.

see http://www.lulu.com/content/5912363

with my blurb:

"The Catholic Church is sometimes called the oldest hierarchical organisation in continuous existence, but it always also been the mother of many participatory social movements, reflecting the liberatory and emancipatory potential of the Christian message. What is interesting is how the Church and the egalitarian impulses adapt to each other, creating ever new syntheses. Today, the Church is facing a new participatory challenge and promise, through the digital technologies that empower self-aggregation, autonomous organisation and peer to peer learning, outside established channels. The Congregation of the Salesians, known for its global network of Don Bosco schools, is at the forefront, not only of social issues, but also in its encounter with the new open technologies that have an impact on the youth it is reaching. If there is one person who has been a bridge-maker between spiritual tradition and digital modernity, it is Julian Fox. In Hacking for Heaven, he talks, mostly to his fellow Salesian brothers, but in fact to all those who are spiritually inclined, asking the question. How can the Church, the teaching orders, and believers in the message of Christ, make themselves open enough so that the new generations of digital youth, including its vanguard of hackers, can feel at home, and co-create a new form of education for the 21th century. The result is not a book of theory, but a deeply felt meditation from someone who has been on the trenches, and could appeal to a broader public"

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