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Finding 1000 True Fans for the Open Source Ecology project

Please support this very important project.

Via http://openfarmtech.org/weblog/?p=458:

"We are presently accelerating the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) development –
to an ambitious goal of completing the entire set within two
years. The clock is ticking – and we are kicking off the “1000 True Fans
– 1000 Global Villages campaign“. We call it the 1000
campaign. The 1000 Squared campaign aims
to gather the support of at least 1000 people – who commit to support
our work with $10 per month for the next 2 years. We are using a PayPal
subscription button – where you commit to the support at the click of a
few buttons. If you really believe in what we are doing – support us and
make the GVCS happen at a much higher pace than what we are doing right
now. We’ve gained enough experience to understand the open source
development process – and we’ve also proven to ourselves that crowd
funding is a viable way to collect support. We are committed to stand
behind this campaign – so the question is – how quickly can we get to
our goal? Who will be the first subscriber?Below you will see a video –
first in a series – that begins to put our work into context – including
the 1000 Squared campaign. The videos aim to clarify our goals
– as to how the whole package fits together. This is the first part in
the Factor
e Live Distillations
series – where we provide more
in-depth coverage of the context for our work- so that viewers can begin
to appreciate the true scope. If you are not familiar with our work,
this is a good place to start."

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