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FCForum, the 2nd International Forum on Access to Culture and Knowledge in the Digital Era

The FCForum 2010

Citizens will continue to work on the task of conceiving a digital era
that is sustainable and benefits everybody. The oXcars will be followed
by the 3-day FCForum, the 2nd International Forum on Access to Culture
and Knowledge in the Digital Era, which is organised by EXGAE together
with the international FCForum platform, in collaboration with Arts
Santa Mònica.

The FCForum 2010 will assemble the main organisations and active voices
in the world of Culture, free/libre knowledge and the new forms of
cultural production and distribution..

Among the more than 50 participants, will be Johanna Blakley, an
American researcher on global entertainment with the exciting thesis
that the key of the success of the fashion industry is no intellectual

Notorious examples of New Cultural Entrepreneurs will come, like the
Americans Kickstarter, whose business model is being the facilitators
between the artist, fans and producers. Their most recent commercial
prodigy: raising 30.000 dollars in 3 days for the production of the
documentary about The Pirate Bay, “The world’s most resilient bittorrent

The former creator of the legendary The Pirate Bay will also come:
Magnus Eriksson and Peter Sunde, who recently created Flattr.com, a
micropayments system for downloading content that works like an
Internet tip jar.

The Germans from Freibank will also come. After the experiences on the
famous band Einstürzende Neubauten, they set up a distribution
cooperative of copyright.

We will also count with the presence of Peter Jenner, best known as Pink
Floyd’s manager. He also represented artists like T Rex, Ian Dury, Roy
Harper and The Clash.

The FCForum is a open space to all citizens, to everybody who is
seriously working towards achieving a legal and economically sustainable
future. For citizens and for artists. The SGAE has always refused to

Check out the programe: http://2010.fcforum.net/program/

See you there!

How to join the Fcforum online?
OXCARS 2010: http://oxcars10.exgae.net/en/
FCForum 2010
: http://2010.fcforum.net/en
Contact: contact[a]exgae.net

Live streaming:
oXcars: http://oxcars10.exgae.net/en/live/
Fcforum: http://2010.fcforum.net/live/

Identi.ca at @fcforum
Twitter at @fcforum_net

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