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Event: November 25: Peer-to-Peer and the Rise of Green Capitalism

Where: Amhurst Center - Communication for Sustainable Social Change
When: Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 4pm-6pm, Campus Center, Room 903
What: Network Civilization: Peer-to-Peer and the Rise of Green Capitalism
Who: Michel Bauwens

Abstract: The P2P Foundation, a global network of researchers investigating the emergence of peer production, governance and property, shows how a new 'hyperproductive' mode of producing value is out-competing and out-collaborating traditional organizations. Such a change will have huge implications for society, business, and education. The election victory of Barack Obama, and his program of green capitalism, opens up, -- because it cannot succeed without huge strides in participation, the possibility of a 'high road' transition towards a peer to peer society, based on the voluntary aggregation of productive communities united around the creation of common value.

CSSC Bauwens Seminar 11-25-08
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