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Ethical Economy Summer School, Amalphi Coast, Italy, 21-27 August, 2010.

Via Adam Arvidsson:

This is a first announcement of our upcoming Summer school on ‘Finance and Ethical Economy’ in Cava di Tirreni, on the Amalfi coast outside Naples- one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean.


Accommodation can be arranged either low cost in a converted monastery, or in a number of nice hotels at the sea).

The proceedings will take place in said converted monastery and will consist in 6 morning and afternoon sessions. Rather than the traditional academic format we will try to make it as interactive a possible, inviting our speakers to take an active part in discussions. Overall we aim at small, intimate numbers, around 30 people in order to create a constructive climate. In the evening we plan a number of excursion to surrounding places of interest, like Pompei, Paestum and the Roman Villas along the coast.

The overall theme of the school is Finance and Ethical economy. With this we mean something along these lines:

The neoliberal finance driven model that has fuelled economic growth over the last three decades is finished. And there seems to be no viable alternatives around. Neo-liberalism goes on, like a living dead, without direction and purpose, and everybody waits for the next ‘convention’ that will miraculously jump-start a finance led growth regime once more. At the same time, however, development in the field of social media, p2p systems, and new forms of material production and distribution are driving both new business models and new ways of rationalizing an emerging ‘ethical economy’ based on reputation and social impact. We want to collectively explore the implications of this in terms of possible suggestions for new ways of reconnecting finance to the ‘productive economy’ and possible solutions that enable us to put these innovations to work in addressing our collective needs in terms of sustainability and global justice.

We aim at an appropriate mix of students, academics and professionals, fees can be waived in certain cases.

Invited Speakers include

Michel Bauwens, p2pFoundation
Umair Hacque, Harvard Busienss Online, Havas MediaLab, BubbleGeneration
Nicolai Peitersen, The Ethical Econonmy Ltd.
Adam Arvidsson, University of Milano, Ethical Economy, Ninjamarketing
Alex Giordano & Mirko Pallera, Ninjamarketing

And we’re waiting for confirmation from

Hazel Henderson, Ethicalmarkets .com
Christian Marrazzi, Scuola Universitaria della Svizzera Italiana. Author of Capital and Language: From the New Economy to the War Economy (Semiotext(e), 2008).

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