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El Impacto de Internet en la Industria Discográfica v2.1

The Impact of Internet in the Record Industry v2.1
(Doctoral Thesis, Cum Laude, 2005)

** In Spanish, with a Lot of References from/to English Written Online Publications and Conventional (exhaustive) Bibliography, in both Languages...

A Research about The Very First Steps of The Pe@ple Driven Freedom on The Internet and how It Has been (and still is) Chased 'to Death' by those de facto and other Political and Economic Powers who dislike such Liberty...

[That Is: How all This Mess of The Music running wild on Internet Unchained The Revolution of The Freedom of Publishing and Accessing Information and Entertainment, for Every@ne, without Political or Enterpreneurial Constraints...

The Study set out Solutions for all the issue... and selflessly brings new perspectives for reflection and action for those who still complain, the way that changing procedures all this mess can be fixed, definitely.]

- How the Internet has changed the Music Consumption Habits and how the Free Flow of Culture through P2P Networks has opened New Extraordinary Ways to Change Our World Through Sharing and Understanding. ...

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