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Democratizing Creativity: Brickflow, the shared multimedia playground

Do you remember playing with Lego? Working with multimedia should be just as easy and playful. Brickflow is a web application that enables content creators to playfully combine multimedia from anywhere on the web through a shared, virtual whiteboard.

We believe this tool will not only help millions of online content creators, but will also have tremendous power in marketing, and in education. Brickflow is a self-funded early stage startup. We aim to finalize the alpha version of the application by the end of August. To be able to keep working full-time and until we can secure investment, we started a crowdfunding campaign. After just 5 days, we already have passed 20% of our goal!

At Brickflow we believe that creativity is our natural state and it is a shared community experience, a result of a collaborative process. And most of all, we believe that we can make this process easier for millions of online content creators by providing a platform where they can collaborate and develop creative projects together. With this application multimedia collaboration becomes as playful and simple as possible. It opens up the creative process and makes it possible to work with other people online.

We wish to democratize creativity. Please, support this project and be part of our journey!


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