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Crowdfunding the Poietic Generator of Olivier Auber

Via Olivier Auber:


Please donate via http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/projects/generateur-poietique


THis fundraising campaign is about raising money for some talented developers in order to make a massively multi-player and very serious game, that everyone can use for free, on their mobiles and on the InternetWhy? is it so serious ? because this game is free and because it allows every gamer to understand, without complex words or theories, how social networks and other things work.

In fact, behind the strange name of “Poietic Generator” (PG). there is a collective and very rich social experience for children from 7 to 77 years old...The Poietic Generator simply offers to many gamers to draw in real time on the same picture. But not anyhow : the PG minimum rules allows gradually the auto-organisation of a global drawing between 10 or 100 gamers, as already shown in earlier experiments... since 1986 ( Yes you have really well read : 1986, the GP idea is an “old”one ! Precisely, it’s a pioneering creation of the “Net Art”, cf. this article from the technology review, MIT, 03 2008. Thanks to you, we will maybe see thousands of people creating on the same image..which could be projected in June, somewhere in Paris, during the event “Futur en Seine” (the digital city’s feast), if it’s alright and provided that the event’s organizers make it possible !
You can test the GP’s current version here

As a action-research, the GP is a kind of social network model that we all practise more and more on Facebook, Twitter for example...but it’s different because firstly it has no commercial goal and secondly because it makes visible how networks are running! That’s why the GP is the basis of a long-life action-research, which is, in the same time, an artistic and a scientific experience. you can preview that point here :

How the raised money will be used ? What will be the next steps of this project ? In the very next first time, me and a group of developers-friends will make the basis of the mobile software. which means a server and a universal HTML5 interface : it will be compatible with the web, Iphone and Android. Thanks to you, the created softwares will be published on a platform of collective developments like github...In order to promote the next evolutions by all interested developers, especially in the area of P2P development, Mesh for example...New links with other projects in the same spirit could be forged there (freedombox, telehash.etc...)
You can get the java and C++ code of the current version on the bottom of this page.

As a permanent space of autonomy, the all project is being developed under the “Free-Art” licence. So not only anyone may participate but also everybody can freely make a copy, can distribute or transform the work (images and software) in the total respect with the copyright law. For example, anyone can use the picture as they want, for studying, or projecting it at home or in a city, but nobody can’t be the exclusive owner, not even us...Finally, you will understand that the PG tries to test the conditions of existence of a concrete utopia : a free code and a free image on a free network.

NOTE: For those interested, the generator Poietic, being an art work, gifts are considered as a sponsorship and may open some tax deductions under the terms of the law <?>. When you think about it, it is totally fair because it is public art, and not speculative art for Sotheby's ...

OlivierAuber is a normal guy, father who generally does what he can.

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