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Creating the civilization security system in 3rd millennium

As if report in front of the UN governing body might be done by a representative of a scientific NGO (International Academy of Information Technologies) at the UN Department of Public Information

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

You must recognize that at present existing system of collective security, characterized by a systemic archetype "patching the holes" is unsatisfactory for people and demanding a
change on something better. Now, it depends from you, governing by the largest
organization of the world, will or won't be starting the process which has to
be resulting via several decades in creation of many more reliable and stable
system of the civilization security. The possibility to create it on a
qualitatively higher level exists. There is no another organization in the
world which would be ore suitable than yours for initiation such the process.


Re-comprehending the security problem.

"The safe life" inside "the dangerous civilization".

You may get surprised.

Which social forces might cope with that huge problem of civilization security for such the limited time?

Has the world intelligentsia realized the problem as proper affair?

Are our minds tuned to decide many dimension tasks of like type?

Dangerous similarity.

Other dangerous correlations.

Questions what might be set.

Where a lever should be put?

New dimensions of human rights?

Panoramic thinking reached.

Not only an imperative.

What changes will occur in a society of many PT-educated

Let us estimate how many time will have taken the problem's solution.

To weaken the problem's keenness.


It'd be so good.

The situation is "insufficient bad".

When the situation worsened.

An affair for the inteligentsia, but...

A hope however exists.

Re-comprehending the security problem. There is a cybernetic principle of external addition, very optimistic: Any problem may be solved being re-formulated on an appropriate higher, meta-systemic level. Stanislaw Lem gave in "Summa Technologiae" an example of such successful reformulation. It is about the
everlasting dream of people to fly as birds. The dream-problem had not been solved in during of many centuries, its reformulation (admitting the use of apparatus heavier than air) got the solution only when new technologies were mastered. It is a right time now (earlier, it was impossible; later, it may be too late) to
reformulate in similar way the problem of civilization security as that to have resolved it in some decades using new technologies - educational, intellectual and information ones.

"The safe life" inside "the dangerous civilization". The human civilization had been created in several millennia; then problem of survival
was standing only for individuals, not for whole human race. But in XX century,
on the contrary, the civilization's survival got greater problem: Earth, after
S.Lec, turned "into point under question sign", at that "the
sign" was increasing, even if because of so called overkill - "possibility"
disposed to completely exterminate life with tenth or even hundredth quotas of
warheads available. There is even a gloomy joke: "Optimists and pessimists
distinguish themselves by the dates of a doomsday only". It means - if we
want to defend what had been created thousands of years we should save it from
both destruction and self-extermination in during of some decades, because we
have scarcely more time to undertake something, until global catastrophes
(predicted!) will come.

You may get surprised. Really, it appears to be logical to extrapolate individual and both social and state experience of people to the level of the whole human community. For a human being is naturally to build life plans; for a state - to
plan its economical development for years, even for decades. Significant,
60-80-year average duration of the human life, as well as some century duration
of states' existence give evidence concerning necessity of such the planning,
at least that it is desirable. However we may assert that the transition to the
next level determined as the buiding-up of a general human strategy, or
"the planning for all humankind" how and where it should develop,
until now has been done. Humankind is living "as it is turned",

Which social forces might cope with that huge problem of civilization security for such the limited time? Whole human civilization, with its culture and techno-sphere, had arisen in result of intellectual, creative activities of many generations of
people, of those, who now are called as intellectuals, intelligent people,
intelligentsia. It is why intelligent people may and should admit that their
historical mission in the perspective of some generations is to elaborate a
strategy of existence and development of Humankind, the strategy what might
minimize threats of civilization's extermination and self-extermination and to
be corrected then "in course of the life".

Has the world intelligentsia realized the problem as proper affair? Separate its representatives, yes. There are global direction intellectual centers, web
resource ones among them, there is the UN Security Council, as well national
councils of similar directedness, where intelligent people are claimed; but
there aren't something akin to the World Intellectual Resource, even any
attempts were not done to start organizing it. But the hardness of the task is
so extremely big, that only the united intellect of all intelligentsia will
have got any chance to manage with decision of the problem.

Are our minds tuned to decide many dimension tasks of like type? Sorry, the answer is negative. It may be shown in simple way. Look at your reflection in a mirror:
you can see that all your main organs of feelings -- eyes, ears, nose, not
excluding tongue -- are finding as near as possible to your mind. Such the
property being characteristic for all high animals as well, gives evidence
concerning the big pressure of the evolution selection amongst our forbears and
correlates with the necessity to minimize the time of their behavior reactions.
The last circumstance had pre-defined our thinking's peculiarities: binary
logics (type of forbears' one: "danger - no danger", "edible -
not edible", "own - alien"); thoughtlessness, or
"narrow-mindedness"; inclination to take decisions rather simple than
adequate; tendency "to serve" aggressive forms of behavior.

Dangerous similarity. Narrow-mindedness, or narrow field of consciousness, having been formerly an advantage for individual survival, is getting more and more a shortage and just because of it may be named as the shortage of panoramic
thinking (SPT). It is a kind of specialization having been gained by people in
pre-historic times. Unfortunately, the manner of thinking didn't change from
times of the stone centuries, otherwise we should be to prove that more clever
people had always more possibilities for reproduction than more physical
strong, aggressive or sexy individuals. It means we may be likened a narrow
specialized species of the deep water fishes, which, as it is known, cannot be
lifted alive to the sea surface. We, with our narrow-mindedness as a sort of
specialization, we all are lifted as well - to the top of the civilization,
having our mind as before tuned on "programs of jungles".

Other dangerous correlations. Aggressiveness and narrow operative field of consciousness (NOFC) are correlatively bounded properties: one is conditioned by another. It is known, in while an act of aggression, field of consciousness is getting yet
more narrow, even boundary narrow. All sudden, not prepared murders happen just
in such states; they are named ‘murders in the state of affect’. Because of
that NOFC, i.e. SPT, is threatening factor more and more, as more mighty is
getting energetic and military means having been available. Moreover, there is
a probability to take a fatal mistake of the global scale by people
"provided with SPT", rising together with the world's complexity
up-grading impetuously.

Questions what might be set. Don't think you that many million armies of fans going mad of their sportive and variety idols are evidence of what may be named as "the not-claimedness of the human minds"? Aren't evidence of the same that we
usually hate to be in waiting of something or somebody? May we say that the not
burdening thought accompaniment of events as well as idle talks "reply by
reply" are quite unusable for people? Don't you see in it an association
with the fact that only one tenth part of head brain nervous cells are acting?
May we be surprised then that we have the thinking which gives rise to numerous
problems? Why one can't think that just because of SPT human communities again
and again face such problems as corruption, terrorism, interpersonal,
inter-ethnic, inter-confessional, inter-nation, military and other conflicts?
May you be agreed that there are dangerous errors of thoughtlessness which
happen because of SPT, and there is dangerous aggressive behavior - because of
pathologic SPT, i.e. limitary narrowed field of consciousness? After all
that, may you admit there is a systemic discordance: the human mind is out of
correspondence with such huge complexity of the civilization having created by
hundreds of human generations?

Where a lever should be put? While looking for the weak link of a system the question is decided where the lever of future systems changes should be put. It is obviously the place of its putting is found in our imperfect brains having been formed in the
conditions of wild nature. Of course the lever may have a "form" of
any educational techniques. To correct our minds is of great significance:
while thinking we make mistakes of thoughtlessness having "normal"
SPT, and while acting we may perform aggressive conduct because of pathologic
narrowed field of consciousness.

New dimensions of human rights? What might be? The panoramic thinking (PT), as a manner of thinking "over" what is necessary for individual survival, includes into itself all creative forms, i.e. non-standard, inventive, systemic, of full
spectrum, of break-through, etc. G.B.Shaw said: "Descartes, maybe,
extracted from the life more joyfulness than Casanova did". To take
possession of more perfect tool of the thought, a new human right should arise,
the right to be taught to think panoramically, overcoming SPT and having given
more joyfulness from creative perception of the life.

Panoramic thinking is reached. The huge ability to study is maybe the main quality of human beings, having singling them out of the animal world. Well, we can see in action those who reveal the ability of PT. They are for example controllers of
airport, music and theatrical performers, conductors of orchestra, artists of
circus, gymnasts, extreme sportsmen. They confirm that teaching may be

Not only an imperative. By the way, "to widen the minds", i.e. to take possession of PT, is not only an imperative challenge to the humankind conditioned by the new reality of the world overloaded with information. In such the conditions
the education priority to get knowledge is getting lower than the priority to
be able to think panoramically, in particular to know how to find and to use
the necessary knowledge. It may not be considered as natural that high
intellectual emotions are not experienced by huge majority of people; those are
"shut" for them.

What changes will occur in a society of many PT-educated people?

Anti-negative ones:

reduction of suicides;

reduction of murders in the state of temporary insanity;

cessation or relaxation of interethnic, inter-confessional and other kinds of dissension;

cessation of utilization of people for anti-humane goals (because of their increased capacity to resist zombification);

overcoming the disconnection of different sciences owing to unifying ideas of great community (i.e. discoveries of civilization's omissions).

Positive ones:

improvement and pacification of interpersonal relations;

increase of the quantitative and qualitative level of legislative activity;

rise of inventive and innovative activity effectiveness;

rise of GNP per capita (owing to growth of the human capital of organizations, enterprises, companies etc.); improvement of leisure quality because of the more pleasure got by people owing to their
more perfect thinking instrument, supplied by PT.

Let us estimate how many time will have taken the problem's solution.

5-10 years - proceeding public multi-media discussion on the education priorities' changes.

5 years - elaborating the education programs with the priority of panoramic thinking's development for all the levels of education.

10 years - proving the solvency of the programs, bettering them.

15-25 years - preparation of the panoramically thinking teachers and high-school lectures of 1st call.

15-20 years - ending the school and high-school reformation based on the PM-priority.

20-30 years - creation of the World IntelNet Resource of panoramically thinking experts, with the hard-were, soft-were, design, scientific, artistic, media ensuring needed, with the
perfect regalements elaborated of discussions and negotiations; the leading
into action the reliable, self-reproducing system of civilization security.

Thus, transition to the new system of civilization security will likely need about 70-100 years.

To weaken the problem's keenness. 1914-18 - 1st world war, 1941-45 - 2nd world war, 1986 - Chernobyl catastrophe, 2001 - World Trade Center's destruction. Thus, periods "almost without catastrophes" were only 23, 41 and 15 years. So, one may doubt that humankind will get 70-100 years for reflection
about is it worthy to refuse from thinking structure what had been formed in prehistoric times. It is why to lessen general, "inter-human" tenseness in the world. We may take into account that at first in the human
history possibility appears (more exactly, about to appear) owing Internet, to discus "by all world" the age-old problem of happiness, what was badly publicized by Utopians.

The UN claimed 2001 as Year of inter-civilizations dialogue. The dialogue might be proceed because that problem of happiness absorb all other problems facing Humankind, i.e. military
conflicts, terrorism, the growing poverty, resources exhaustion, environment’s
pollution, possible catastrophes; "the golden billion" and other five
ones, "not golden", should be mentioned separately. It seems Internet
to be about to place into itself the all-planetary discussion on this eternal
dream of people. To have such the global discussion club where you can tell
about your failures and problems and get histories and counsels as similar
obstacles were overcome by others, and be by those "others", and
propose your ideas of better life, and have theoretical disputes on social and
philosophical subjects... Being in contacts, people will more feel their
belonging to humankind as single social organism. But in an organism kidneys
and liver aren't in an enmity, so any pacification in the humankind as a
super-organism might be waited. It is important in itself (for example, a huge
mass of people, not only creative ones, will experience moments of happiness
feeling their usefulness) and because of "the respite" for Humankind
and therefore of more time for the main problem's decision.


It'd be so good.

...If systemic discordance of the civilization were realized. Then the trinity of surviving calls, i.e."Develop Panoramic Thinking!", "Create Planetary
Intellectual Resource!" and "Stay and Resolve the Problem of
Happiness for All and by All Together!", might be perceived as categorical
imperatives and stay as guide to action. Such the trinity has any inner logics
of entailing one with others, and this should be taken into account to overcome
the "buts" which each of imperatives has.

So, the call "To develop the panoramic thinking" will be inhibited by both mental laziness being usual for people and inertness of the education system being a consequence of the general
property mentioned. Moreover, to knowledge a mental shortage is not acceptable
for many intellectuals realizing their superiority under others.

The imperative "To create planetary intellectual resource" may not be supported in long time because the most creative part of intelligentsia doesn't intend to unite as that to think

The imperative "To stay and develop the problem of happiness for all and by all together" has 'contra-indications' because of the previous unsuccessful attempts of
individual speculative buildings of "happy" societies.

The situation is "insufficient bad"

It is so because 3 calls above aren't perceived as even simple imperatives of surviving. However strange it is, the said has most to do with Third imperative, because to realize it as necessary
executed one, people should have felt not only strong worsening of life's
quality, of its both comfort and safety, but have got radical displacement in
social consciousness in direction of social polarization smoothening, of
national vital standards' equalizing.

However, on the stage of "simple imperatives", when they are, as now, on the periphery of the social consciousness, their traumatic influence on the society is insignificant and it
is possible to prepare introducing them into action with no fear to provoke
panic and chaos. For example, the education based on the principle of
developing the panoramic thinking (in particular, creative one) is justified by
the fact that the civilization now is other, rather information one then
technical, so the priority "to teach the knowledge" is out of date.
To teach to think (good) is of many more significance, without referring on an

When the situation worsened.

After a series of catastrophes predicted the media will appear to take ‘untwisting’ the imperatives of surviving, competing against «who is more black and terrifying». We can only hope that
situation will not crash down completely owing the imperative «to get happy all
to remain alive all». Paradoxically, it may have got big attractive force, in
spite of its almost obvious impracticable. After disquiet and stresses the
faith in verity of preferable things may be especially strong. Maybe then a
sub-problem: how unify all intelligent forces will lose its keenness because of
the strongest instinct of individual survival, and an institualization of
intelligentsia will be carried out. However, it'll be already lesser
intellectual forces and worse conditions for intellectual occupations. As for
"to change the minds!", this task will seem to be lost "on

So, we may ascertain: catastrophes of global scale having happened will remove the start of the new civilization security program on some human generations.

An affair for the intelligentsia, but...

All 3 components of the civilization security problem are tasks for intelligentsia, as being more than other social stratum erudite and prepared in sense of both methodologies and techniques.
However among intelligentsia one is pride being closed to the power, other
being far from it; not a few ones experience to themselves feelings of deep
self-respect and because of that stay low balls for any others' initiatives. In
general, certainly having in the view those last, Alexander Pushkin said:
«Foolishness of a condemnation is less noticeable than foolishness of a
praise», and those, "the lesser noticeable ones", are set usually in

There is hard situation. Civilization security problem and strategic planning of humankind's development might stay historical mission of intelligent people, uniting all them general affair, but

because of their arrogance, inter-discipline, inter-corporation and other
disconnections no ‘institualization’ of intelligentsia happen. Let you imagine:
the whole humankind as a hostage of intelligentsia...

A hope however exists.

The point is that the best representatives of intelligentsia, those who are living with accordance with the conscience, they used to evaluate all after the largest moral counting. It is why having
realized the very hard problem of civilization existing just they may take
responsibility for the civilization's security and its further development,
starting that high security plan. The United Nations I am quite sure might count
on their support, even disinterested.

Let us propose any group of such intelligent people realizes their involvedness into the problem and unites in the group for civilization security (GCS). What might be their actions?
Understanding the necessity to heighten the quality of thinking in the society they come out with articles and interviews in media explaining ways of education reforming. Some of them elaborate
programs of different levels of learning, others publish articles with critical
analysis of the language showing reveals of SPT in there by nobody unmarked,
argue that instrument of the thought should not be stupid and rusty if it
pretends to be a tool of good thinking. That and similar activities attract
other thinking people, and GCS is replenishing. At any time the IntelNet,
Internet's intellectual part, recognize GCS as appropriate partners, take their
research problems as own ones. A movement to World Intellectual Resource goes.

So united intelligent people can't leave unnoticed the problem of happiness, seeing their use of participating in its analytical, scientific, programming etc. accompaniment. For them forum on the
problem would be huge sociologic laboratory, where they might prove how their
ideas of different strategies, of versions of future predicted were perceived.

First initiators' activity would be many more successful if were supported by such authoritative organization as the U.N. By the way, in early 2002, I posted at Forum, what Club of Rome hold on
its web site, the text entitled "An Affair for the United Nations".
It was just about the old-age problem of happiness discussed in the World Net.
On the contrary, supporting GCS plans the U.N. have got an image of the
foreseeing organization taking care of future generations' fortune.

P.S. A.Einstein would support the said above as he counted that The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

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Comment by Sepp Hasslberger on October 17, 2010 at 9:42
Vladimir Nikolayevich,

Thank you for posting your article here. I applaud your effort to widen the horizon of human thinking and problem-solving to a more long range perspective.

Your proposed solutions, and therefore your time estimate for reaching a positive development, are firmly set in the prevailing human institutions, like the United Nations and its Non Governmental Organizations, like the current educational system, and the slow spreading of knowledge characteristic of the age of the printing press.

I would like to point out that what you are envisioning is already happening. The linking-up of human intelligence and the widening of our attention span into larger questions and more long range decisions is a natural consequence of human beings communicating directly, one to the other.

You have linked http://www.wiserearth.org/ in your profile and I agree that this is a worthwhile effort to bring people together, but in my view it is more the general purpose social networks that are going to lead the way in this.

The development of civilization security through panoramic thinking is happening right now. It is all around us, and while it is still in a budding process, many minds have already been "infected" by the need to look beyond our immediate area of physical perception to the larger questions that mankind faces.

Thank you for giving this needed change a push...
Comment by Vladimir Nickolayevich Tretyakov on October 19, 2010 at 5:39
Dear Sepp

I am thankful for you found such fine words to appreciate my work. It is moreover of valuable that I feel P2P Foundation as a kindred organization. That is why those differences between your and my worldviews should be of big interests for us – as stimuli to go ahead in mutual understanding.

Now, I am about to post my proposal The Urgent Creation of the All-World Intellectual Web Resource counting it may be considered by you any logical proceeding of P2P Foundation as an idea. As you see, in part of collective intellect I admit there are social actors having nothing to do with the UN and NGOs associated with it.

You wrote: “I would like to point out that what you are envisioning is already happening.” I would like to thing so as well, but my opinion for all that “linking-up of human intelligence” is begun until now. For intelligent people is more naturally to create “other P2P foundations” (under other names) than to unite with yours. I name this phenomenon “clusterization of intelligent people”. It itself is huge problem as civilization going to collapse has (a little) chance to be saved by efforts of all-planetary intellect. For some decades (why to propose we have more times?) to save of destruction that what had been created in during of some millennia… Social networks are going to lead to this goal too slowly.
Another remark is concerning your affirmation: “The development of civilization security through panoramic thinking is happening right now.” You are right, of course, but my definition of panoramic thinking is wider, as “manner of thinking overcoming narrow field of consciousness being the evolutionary conditioned backwardness of human mentality.” (See for example http://uladzimir.bravehost.com/pan_th.html). That is why my group on Wiserearth.org has such the name To higher mentality. Without thinking in panoramic way people effective global intellect may not be created.

Nevertheless, we have of common goals, and I hope our interaction has a perspective.

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