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'Creating Futures, beyond profit - a route to a fairer, steadier, open system for all'

Via Gwyn Jones from Global Trust:

'Creating Futures, beyond profit - a route to a fairer, steadier, open system for all'

We are witnessing the most dramatic economic downturn we have seen in our lifetimes and although, as some financial experts, brokers et al are saying 'we've seen it all before, this one is different – it's global and it's serious.'

It's different too in that there is sufficient questioning momentum across the globe to enable significant change in our financial systems, the way we do business, the way we lead our businesses and our lives. There is an opportunity to change. We have a tipping point. Let's tip the point!

The purpose of this enquiry is to seize this opportunity to create new financial strategies, forms of organisation et al, to create alternatives and to influence and direct them happening.

This topic is BIG ... and we have some excellent contributors who will lead our first enquiry in London at University of Westminster, namely:

* Jenny Wardle - MD ChangeForum Ltd. (ASP)
* Dr. Martin Blake - Director CSR Royal Mail, Trustee Findhorn (ASP)
* David Bent - Head of Business Strategies, Forum For The Future (ASP)
* Prof. Richard Owen – University of Westminster
* Saba Khalid – Director IFEES (Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science)
* Bruce Nixon - Veteran Change Agent, Speaker and Author (ASP)
* Cheryl Buggy - Express FM's Station Director

At the last ASP event "Engagement 2.0" this topic was easily the most widely discussed and supported and it merits more time than previous ones.

So we've organised a full-day (with lunch) on December 4th at University of Westminster's Boardroom on Regent Street.

Places are as usual limited so take action today and reserve your place...

REGISTRATION ( http://www.asp-online.org/events/beyondprofit/registration.doc )


Gwyn Jones

+44 779 563 2607


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