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"Circular Multilateral Barter 1.0" Release

via Evgeni Pandurski :

We are pleased to announce the first stable release of our free (as in
freedom) software for peer-to-peer circular barter exchange. You can
download the source code at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cmb/

Here is the first website running our software:

What is "Circular Multilateral Barter 1.0"?

"Circular Multilateral Barter 1.0" (CMB) is a free server-side
software that operates peer-to-peer networks for circular barter
exchange. CMB tremendously advances the conventional barter by making
it multilateral. It does so by engaging peers' trust to decouple the
actual delivery of goods from the agreement to deliver the goods.

Here are some of the advantages that CMB offers compared to
traditional approaches:

* Traditional approaches (fiat money, barter dollars, LETS points)
unfortunately blend social trust into a fragile system of
collectivized credit. CMB makes it possible for individuals to use
their own judgement in choosing whom they are willing to trust. That
is: you supply products to customers who trust you, and you receive
products from partners whom you trust.

* CMB does not suffer the double coincidence of wants problem. The
trader you deliver goods to and the trader you obtain what you need
from do not need to be the same person, so there is much more
flexibility for arranging trades.

* CMB allows virtual money to circulate at infinite velocity so that
no real money is actually needed. That is: trading is not limited by
the global scarcity of money or any other token or commodity.

* CMB uses money solely as a standard of value for a short period of
time (typically a day). Thus CMB is insusceptible to changes in the
value of money.

You can read CMB's high-level software design document here:

25 November 2010,
CMB's developers

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