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Call for open data translation volunteers: 150 words in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

A call by Marco Fioretti, mfioretti@nexaima.net :




I would like to ask you a favour, since you know lots of people in
Europe interested in these things. As you may remember, the second
part of the Open Data research I'm working on consists of an online
survey. That survey IS ready in all the required languages, all done
by a translation agency. Unfortunately, we just realized that we can't
officially announce it without also adding to its home page a link to
a short note, that explains what is the context/reason for the survey
and points to related resources.

The problem is that, just like the survey, even that note should
really be available in all these languages (plus English and Italian,
that I've already done myself):

Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish,

As you can see below, the note is VERY short, just a few paragraphs
(<150 words, URLs included). While we do have the budget for another
call to the translation agency, getting **approval** to spend
it... may take weeks, and we'd really prefer not to wait more. So the
request is, may you please help me to find native speakers for those
language, willing to volunteer for this task? All they'd have to do is
translate the part below and send the result directly back to me.

Thanks in advance for your support!




"Open Data, Open Society" is a research project, financed through the European DIME network (http://www.dime-eu.org), on the economical, social and political importance of open, raw Public Sector Information (PSI).

The survey (https://opensurvey.sssup.it/survey), which in the spirit of the project is not anonymous., is open to one official representatives for each City or Regional administration of the EU-15 countries. Its goal is to measure which data are already published online, with open licenses and formats, by local Public Administrations of the European Union.

In order to know more about the project and the reasons for this survey, you are welcome to read:

an introduction to the project (http://stop.zona-m.net/?p=52)

the first report produced by the project, which can be downloaded from http://www.dime-eu.org/editions or http://www.lem.sssup.it/books.html, or read and commented online at http://stop.zona-m.net/?p=2039 .

The survey will close on 2011/05/22. If you need further informations or have any problem with the survey, please contact Marco Fioretti (mfioretti@nexaima.net).

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Comment by Marco Fioretti on January 21, 2011 at 12:13


Hi folks, it's me, Marco. The text above is not the final one. MY mistake, sorry! The final one, which is almost the same length, with a couple of sentences changed, is at


Thanks for your patience and support

Comment by Marco Fioretti on January 24, 2011 at 11:49
Update: Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish are done! Thanks to the translators!

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