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A message from Franz Rieger, via franz.rieger@hotmail.com:

"My name is Franz Rieger, I live in the Global Village Kirchbach, Austria.

Since last year I am a member of a group of scientists from different universities in Austria, who have developed a worldwide singular solarpump without moving parts and without electric. This pump can be used especially in tropical countries with much sunpower.

This year - from April till June - I was in Thailand in a typical ricefarmer village of Isaan.

I know, that in this part of Thailand our solarpump could help the farmers for a second and a third harvest of rice.
I presented the concept of our pump two scientists of the technical university in Kalasin,

a provincial capital town near to my village, thinking about constructing this pump on this university. They were very interested in this idea.

And so we started this common project: the building detail plans were delivered step by step
from a draftsman in Global Village Kirchbach. And here in Kalasin university the pump was finished constructed after about six weeks. All material costs were payed from an Austrian sponsor. Now it is time for pump test for the intented purpose of Isaan. "

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