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Art, social movements, and the art of collaboration, request for assistance

A request from Yveltte Dubel:

Can you look at the following and let me know if this is something you think might have interest to P2P members?


As the Cultural Fusion art series has progressed it needs a virtual hub consistent with our vision. This hub will act as a virtual portal for various real world locations that will be synchronized or not. I have a concept and need some specific expertise. I would LOVE to use this as a case study in peer to peer using art.

Can you help me get this message to people who would be interested?

About Cultural Fusion:
As an interdisciplinary endeavor is an art series and art movement about the art of collaboration as the anchor in a social movement embodied in an expanding art series - it marries community driven economic development. research and development for sustainability, and social responsibility, primarily but not exclusively, as interactive public artworks.

Because many of my ideas are driven in part by technology my work seeks to explore how our use of technology shapes its role(s) in personal relationships, economies, communities and so on with my goal being to bridge the online and offline actions to learn about real world impact potential to address prevalent issues. We do this by engaging those to be helped as collaborators so a nonprofit doing the work of helping the homeless, abused or orphaned children is a partner as are the people they help.

This first project will benefit the work of several organizations including Foot Steps for Life (supports orphanages and schools for deprived children), Artist for the Homeless (provides support and assistance to the homeless, shelters and programs), iFOSSF (which assists in using IT to advance grassroots efforts for sustainable living/development and community empowerment), Help2Read (inter generational literacy program), and many more as the project takes shape.

We have an island with the seeds of the Research Studio on Reaction Grid www.reactiongrid.com">http://www.facebook.com/l/bf836;www.reactiongrid.com which needs to be developed to operate as a core part of this art project advancing the idea of art with purpose.

Can you help with any of the following?

1. An architect or builder who can help - articulate the concept for the building and grounds space with specs for building

2. A designer who can help design the space - including concept, and list of item inventory: furniture, flooring, walls, features, objects with specs for building

3. 3D builders - to build items or building components

4. Programmers to help create software components for art projects - can select one based on interest/expertise

5. Web designer/developer - collaborate to re-develop website concept and plan for implementation

6. Web designers to select task to implement web design concept

7. Technical people with deep knowledge for how to build things outside of virtual world

Anyone that is interested - please contact me on FaceBook and join the Cultural Fusion group there (link is in my profile). Let me know which number task you are interested in and I will send you a link to my location on Reaction Grid then we can go from there.

All the best,
Yvette Dubel

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