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Appeal for collaboration on freemium based open source business models

Via Peter Froberg, peter.froberg@gmail.com:

I don’t know if you remember, but I asked for advice concerning my graduation project from the kaospilots.

The project was about the financial model used by, among others, open source software companies. The aim was to describe the model and give companies the tool to know if it could be interesting to them.
I believe that by getting more people to use this model, there would be create a lot more open content. In the same way that showing the economic benefits of saving energy, has made many companies cut down on energy. Even though it was mainly financially motivated, it has still helped the environment.

Since the end of the project I have worked further with the ideas. I am currently iin the process of starting a consultancy. This consultancy will help companies figure oput if they could benefit from a business model where they share more products freely, and help them implement it in the best possible way. You can see more at www.freemium.eu

If you have any project at the foundation where this angle could be beneficial, I would be glad to volunteer my help.

I am still in the process of starting up. So if you have any suggestions for people who might be interested in collaborating with me, I would be very interested them

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