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Announcing the DYNDY monetary rhizome project

Via Jaromil:

I'm writing you to bring to your attention the public launch of DYNDY,
for now consisting of this website and various ongoing code
experiments http://dyndy.net

The launch was well followed by interest in the audience in Amsterdam
at the De Balie center for political discourse

It included various quotes from Deleuze and Guattari to Agamben, from
John Thackara to Bernard Lietaer and of course Thomas H. Greco whose
presentation at ICC was extremely interesting and indeed his books are
already a main reference for the research on cultural economy and
monetary rhizome lead by my colleague Marco Sachy.

I'm now looking further to your reactions, observation, suggestion and
if you like involvement, as i believe that the topic of money well
completes the range of dicussions around the Commons, one of the most
ancient and used sharable media in history, undergoing a phase of deep
transformations triggered by the immanence of digital information in
our age.

best wishes,

- --

Denis Jaromil Roio |X| Netherlands Media Art Institute
media developer |X| Montevideo / Time Based Arts
GNU / Linux / *BSD |X| Dyne.org Foundation
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http://nimk.nl/onderzoek ~ ~ ~ http://nimk.nl/eng/research
Tel: +31 20 6237101 121 ( Tue and Fri, 10:30 - 17:30 CET )
Post: NIMK/Artlab Keizersgracht 264 1016 EV AMSTERDAM
Email: jaromil@dyne.org IRC: irc.freenode.net /msg jaromil
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