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An Invitation to Join Commons Action for the United Nations

Via Lisinka.Ulatowska@gmail.com :

All of us share sources of wealth that are beyond market goods and monetary prices but critical to our survival and quality of life. The global commons consists of these shared

resources, as well as the committed people who work for the commons and serve

as stewards of our collective resources. Neither today’s problems nor their solutions

exist without people. Appreciating the value of a commons is as old as humanity itself,

yet as forward-looking as our most advanced technology.

In December 2009, Lisinka Ulatowska and James Quilligan met with a core group of

supporters to begin mobilizing Commons Action for the United Nations. The group

intends to work through the UN to introduce the global commons worldwide as a

resource that must be accessible for the use and benefit of all people so that world

resources are preserved and human development and creativity may be enhanced.

As the hub of virtually all governments, thousands of civil society organizations and

businesses (through the Global Compact), the United Nations is the strategic focus and

mouthpiece of the world. The objective of Commons Action for the UN is to demonstrate

to these diverse stakeholders that the global commons provides an integrative

framework and vision for issues of sustainable development and beyond—anticipating a

future where all life can thrive. We shall be taking a three-tier approach: Eminent Personalities, Experts, Grassroots.

Our longer-term goals are for the global commons to become a familiar concept in

government dialogue and mainstream consciousness before the anticipated Rio+25

conference in 2017. We will also petition the states of the world to create a new

international monetary and financial system—a commons-based economy instead of the

present debt-based economy—by 2030. To achieve these goals, we intend to create a

global tipping point in human consciousness by working synergistically with some

8-10,000 people by the end of 2012. We shall do this by forming partnerships with many

like-minded organizations.

Invitation. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard before the governments of the world. Please help us raise commons consciousness towards the tipping point. Volunteers are needed for:

Ø Researching solutions to global issues using a global commons approach

Ø Writing proposal letters to governments emphasizing these solutions

Ø Thinking along with governments as they seek solutions to the present crises—

either by joining the UN Team that attends United Nations conferences, or by

advising and otherwise supporting the Team attending UN meetings via the Internet

Ø Contributing your networking and media efforts, IT, legal expertise or language

translation skills

Contact Lisinka.Ulatowska@gmail.com to join our efforts from wherever you are in the

world. The commons work for people when people work in common.

To join, please complete the following




Address (Street) Number

City Zip Country

Telephone Country code Area Code Tel No.

How would you like to participate? Please state interest areas.

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