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Appeal to the UN Conference participants in Rio de Janeiro (June 20—22, 2012)

Dear Delegates,

The proposed is a plan sketched how to act for launching movement to stay on this path, and it depends in particular on you will 2012 be the year when the goal begins its realizing.

Albert Einstein said out once a wisdom remark: “Significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” It was said in connection with dead-lock situation in the physical science, but it is correct moreover for such significant problems as global ones.
Problematical character of such the existence Polish thinker Stanislaw Jerzy Lec expressed so: “Earth, it is a point under the question-mark”. From those times (1960s) this question have grown significantly as global problems unsolved pilled up over the world in all more threatening way, in spite of innumerable attempts to solve them or even if not to give them to become stronger. The very Conference is evidence of this as remarking 20 year jubilee of non-reaching the sustainable development in the very its name.  
Realizing the root cause of unsustainable development

Situation seems so that humankind cannot cope with these global problems, i.e. the existing level of intelligence, first individual one, as pre-determining even the very possibilities of individual thinkers to unite themselves and work cooperatively, is insufficient.  

Striving to understand why it is so I came up to notion of the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) and conjugated with it the panoramic thinking
(http://intentact.webs.com/pan_th.htm). The last was defined as a manner of thinking overcoming narrow field of consciousness (NFC) being the evolutionary conditioned backwardness of human mentality. Following such the definition, panoramic thinking (PT) may be considered as the united name for several kinds of any “good” thinking, including already known, such as systemic one, lateral, inventive, creative, parallel, breaking-through, of full spectrum, of more than one track, non-standard, etc., all being not characteristic for majority people. 

Here is a straightforward arguing: as all mighty human civilization was created owing to creative activity of some hundred generations of mentally active people, then global problems was also “created” by them as by-products “owing to” any features (negative) of their thinking. Someone may account impossible to admit that this mighty human reason is imperfect, but the anthropogenic theory gives us possibility to understand that it is possible:
Human reason to be begot 40 Millennia ago in result of eliminating selection among hominids gave Homo Sapiens huge evolution advantage before other animal species, and the human species’ numbers since that times got growing exponentially. It meant that first people, living by tribes, were already secured enough, and selection by the reason got weaker or disappear at all. In result NFC having been former an advantage turn into dangerous common human shortage, SPT. Now, there is a systemic disparity: people in mass don’t correspond dynamic and information complexity of that civilization what had been created by their ancestors.

At place here may be my interview
Shortage of panoramic thinking to ask about and answer (http://intentact.webs.com/spt_ask_answ.htm) where some aspects of SPT concerning its “cohabitation” with people were expounded in details. Here is one question-answer for example. -->

What ways you see for SPT to overcome and which are possible hardness of the process?

— For any human being the genetically transferred living experience of generations is only insignificant part in comparison with the experience got in result of social inherence. This fact from comparative physiology of animals gives a base for inference that the humankind has principal possibility to rebuild the existing systems of education onto development of the panoramic thinking in order to upgrade to higher mentality. However the system of education of any country has big inertia, so even the very realization of necessity to change in radical way directions of education — from to master knowledge onto  a better thinking – is presupposed to be hard. Not simple task is as well experimental checking of how much panoramic thinking people may be mastered in result of education reform. Really, a group of teachers-enthusiasts, in order to prove principal possibility to overcome SPT, may present their final-year students taught in the new fashion at best via 10—12 years.


And even after that, it is entirely not obvious that these results will be convictive for education ministry workers. After my prognosis, panoramically thinking pupils prepared by panoramically thinking teachers may appear in 2060—70, not earlier.


However strange it might appear, especially unhappy circumstances may only accelerate this transformation of educational systems. The question is about an imperative of survival, i.e. possibility to perceive that SPT-people (i.e. insofar we all as narrow-minded in evolutionary sense), being “specialized to realize programs of jungle”, are situated under awesome threat as they being pulled out to civilization tops may be likened deep-water fishes when pulled out from kilometer depths to oceanic surface. It is known such fishes can't be taken out of there alive. Homo Sapiens, with this “narrow species specialization” of the thinking, as well don't correspond to new heights of civilization complexity, and this disparity is increasing. It means that catastrophic events are unavoidable, and just they and only they (at any humans’ ability to foresee) might “make for” the educational transformation to have occurred.

I felt a necessity to realize better and more, for others and myself, what is the scale of the SPT appearances pre-determined by its evolution prehistory. So the lecture arose:
Shortage of panoramic thinking: signs seen everywhere (http://intentact.webs.com/spt_signs.htm), written on the ground of in-Russian collection of SPT’s appearances with characteristic title: A hunting for the deficit. Following on animal foot-prints left in the human brains (http://tvinteltech.narod.ru/follow_spt.html). Recently, to understand more the nature of these “foot-prints” I used another metaphor thought up by Prof. John Warfield: mindbugs. In result it appeared a lecture that was posted: Replenishing John N. Warfield’s Mentomology Identifying and Classifying Mindbugs with Evolutional Mentomology (http://tvinteltech.narod.ru/eng/Lectures/15.html). At that Evolutional Mentomology, being in essence a classification of those mindbugs from the evolutionary point of view, was given separately as well: http://intentact.webs.com/my_mentom.htm.

What does mean to live with SPT?” is an excerpt of the lecture. ->

The shortage of panoramic thinking to be rooted into our mentality pre-determines mass of regularities existing in human society “owing” to it. Thus, because of SPT:
* people can debate long time with no result;
* always there are people who, after having lived almost all the life, suddenly realize that their lives were for nothing;
* PR services propose advertising texts what later appear to be anti-advertising, to great surprise of those who have prepared it;
* MPs adopt laws turned out to be shortly needing to be changed; politicians always found human material for their suggestive recruiting of adherents;
* a murderer almost always finds justifications for the murder performed;
* heads of state can’t come to agreements with others heads of state -- to avoid wars, and with own peoples -- to avoid revolutions.
* among normative lexical expressions of any language with sureness are lexemes-viruses existing unrevealed for some human generations. 

“Questions what might be set” are taken of the project proposal Creating the civilization security system in 3rd millennium (
http://intentact.webs.com/civ_secure.htm; written for the DPI/UN from the name of International Academy of Information Technologies (Minsk). -->

Don't think you that many million armies of fans going mad of their sportive and variety idols are evidence of what may be named as "the not claimed human minds"? Aren't evidence of the same that we usually hate to be in waiting of something or somebody? May we say that the not burdening thought accompaniment of events as well as idle talks "reply by reply" are quite unusable for people? Don't you see in it an association with the fact that only 1/10 part of head brain nervous cells are acting? May we be surprised then that we have the thinking which gives rise to numerous problems? Why one can't think that just because of SPT human communities again and again face such problems as corruption, terrorism, interpersonal, inter-ethnic, inter-confessional, inter-nation, military and other conflicts? Don’t you think that there are dangerous errors of thoughtlessness which happen because of SPT, and there is dangerous aggressive behavior -- because of pathologic SPT, i.e. limitary narrowed field of consciousness? After all that, may you admit there is a systemic discordance: the human mind is out of correspondence with such huge complexity of the civilization having created during hundreds of human generations?

However strange it is, Humor secret from evolution depths (http://intentact.webs.com/humor_secret.htm) revealed has much to do with understanding what means SPT in our life.  
It was proven that all 15 forms of wordy humor selected for its classification -you can step-by-step to prove it- demonstrate the only mechanism in operation when any known (it may be implied) is compared / confronted with any unknown, giving in result new thought or like-thought.  The very secret is: If science and inventiveness “hold” on overcoming of  SPT, then jokes -- on playing upon overcoming of SPT.

Some years ago
Prof. Stephen Hawking posted on Yahoo.com a question, almost rhetorical: “How can the human race survive the next hundred years? In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?” Nevertheless, I answered it (http://intentact.webs.com/yah_answ.htm), with Discussion added later. -->

This question is about how to remain alive, and moreover to live without threats of self-extinction.

Here is a plan how to do for it. It contains 3 goals to be reached that have signs of imperatives how to survive. Paradoxically, if they are only getting categorical ones, any chances of surviving will appear.

First goal-imperative. The evolution of our animal ancestors was proceeding at sufficient high selection’s pressure. In result, our operative field of conscience is narrow. In other words, we had provided in during of evolution by the «narrow minds». Just because of such our peculiarity the human logic is “black-white”, systemic thinking and synthetic ideas are rather rear among people, who like simple decisions and are losing very often sight of something.

 This «narrow-mindedness», having been formerly an advantage in surviving (as allowing quicker behavior reactions), now is a dangerous shortage. The cause is that discrepancy is more and more between ‘the same’ individual mental possibilities of people and the raising complexity of their existence’s conditions. So, a limit to our existence is felt yet. To overcome the shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) -- just so we can reformulate Blaise Pascal’s ordinance: "Let's think correctly: here is the main principle of moral".

 …To overcome SPT with educational means is in concordance with new reality, the information abundance. Because of this circumstance, educational priority "to study in order to know" is obsolete, a new priority should appear, "to study in order to be able to think", it means using the thinking creative, effective, panoramic, taking into account all necessary.

 One of appearance of SPT is aggressiveness. The Austrian biologist Konrad Lorentz wrote:

«We have weighty bases to consider inner-specific aggression as the most serious danger threatening to Humankind... But the prospect to fight this danger will not by no means better if we consider it as something metaphysical and inevitable; if on the contrary we will try to trace a chain of the natural causes of its origin, then, this may help».

There, a hope exists. Really, it is known that more educated people are less aggressive. So, we can admit that the special directed education methods, developing panoramic thinking (PT), will be able to lessen it to normal, civilization level and to make for pacification in the world.

 If we take into account else that because of SPT any fatal errors are inevitable, and that the raising might of the civilization makes their after-effects more and more catastrophic, then reforming of the national education systems in direction of PT looks like not the wished but imperatively compulsory demand.

Second goal-imperative. In the animal world, there is a general system-forming tendency named the cephalization ending brains’ forming at its final phase. There is as well the analogy between an organism and its brain, from one hand, and a state and its governing body (i.e. a social organism and its social brain) -- from other hand. It means in any form is going the process of social cephalization on the level of states. But there is no analogous process on the level of whole humankind.

Let us say this by other words. Individuals have often Life goals, states are guided by national ideas; but Humankind as a super-organism does not follow any strategy of own development having no analogue of a social mind for elaborating it. A feature of our civilization is that it is as if ‘super-headless’.

 Complexity of the world, first of all the information one, now huge, will be enormous via next 2--3 generations. To correspond it, human community should create any form of planetary intelligence. Owing computer nets such social mind would provide necessary balance of complexities of the two systems -- governing (the very global mind) and governed (all the humankind).

Third goal-imperative. The UN declared 2001 the Year of Dialogue of Civilizations. However the dialogue might be continued to the century’s end. But how to propose such topical subject for discussion which would be of general interests?

The today challenges are multi-faceted, and the response to them requires "a vision based on dialogue". Let us mark: for the first time in the human history such the dialogue owing Internet and other mobile communication may be organized as world-wide. The main subject of it then might be, let’s say, "To Happy Life on Earth for All".

Such the subject, as concerning all, as asking opinions of all (what and how to do), and permitting everyone to express own opinion, is preferable to resolve problems of Global Peace and Security. By the way, 'Golden Billion' and 'Not-Golden ones', they are from a model of unstable world, having no positive perspective, and that would be one of problems to be discussed.

 The problem of happiness appears to absorb all other problems facing Mankind: military conflicts, terrorism, the growing poverty, resources’ exhaustion, environment’s pollution, overpopulation, climate change. It is why to raise the problem of happiness is not indulging in fantasies, but realizing in whole complexity the main imperative of survival for Humankind. … widening at that temporary diapason to fulfill demands of 1st and 2nd goals-imperatives.

 Discussion. The known old-Greek philosopher Democritus considered: "Not words, but unhappiness is a teacher of blockheads". Because of blockheads’ attendance among us, such the chance appears when the situation in the world is 'sufficient bad', how after global catastrophes like "repetitions of the end of the world". But just such massive “teacher” should not get the right to teach. It’d be better for human beings to use their ability to foresee far after-effects and act correspondingly.

In 2010 Dr. Yuji Ishiguro book “One Billion World” issued. It may be seen as a serious precaution: one of the global problems, the overpopulation, is the only what may get solution itself, with no human interface.

Collective mind of global scale needed

But on this way to it lies a heavy problem of Institutional and strategic bankruptcy of intelligent people in the civilization process (
http://intentact.webs.com/bankr_intels.htm). Really, let us juxtapose: whole mighty human civilization, with its culture and techno sphere, had arisen in result of intellectual, creative activities of many generations of people, of those, who later were called intellectual minds, intelligentsia. That is why just they might take responsibility for the civilization's state and future. Titus Plavt, ancient Roman dramatist, had been already certain:  “All clever people should be in interrelation.”

Moreover we, modern people, may admit that the historical mission of intelligentsia in perspective of some generations is elaborating a strategy of existence and civilization development being able to minimize threats of its extermination and self-extermination, in order then the strategy might be corrected "in course of the life".

However the problem of this interrelation, in modern conditions signifying an institutional socialization of the intelligent people in form of any planetary intelligent resource, may appear especially hard and long process. That is why the intelligent people “like” to be and act separately, and there are intelligentsia of natural sciences, humane, technical, being in and out power, with and without degrees, titled and untitled, being in and out any elites, belonging to scientific/artistic schools "good" and "bad", not to mention about common human barriers of separation – by national, racial, of age, sexual, religion-confessional signs. "To like" turns in result into intelligentsia’s inability to active participation in the civilization process. 

A project draft Urgent Creation of the All-World Intellectual Web Resource
http://intentact.webs.com/intel_uni.htm) gives a prompt how to launch this long promotion to the aim.

Here is how the very problem is presented. -->

All human civilization had been created owing the brainwork of more intelligent people in some tens of millennia; problem is how to save our not sustainably developing world from extinction and self-extinction for some decades using new technologies in technique and informatics, new technologies of thinking (both individual and collective ones), new information databases being provided with necessary and replenished equipping.

My work to promote the plan into realizing proceeded in some directions. The first was…

Presenting it more convincingly and in details

I return to the project proposal “Creating a civilization security system in 3rd Millennium” (http://intentact.webs.com/civ_secure.htm) written in form of a report before the UN Leading Body and developing the thoughts said out while answering S. Hawking’s questions.

Here are 2 excerpts of it. -->

(1) Re-comprehending the security problem.
There is a cybernetic principle of external addition, very optimistic: Any problem may be solved being re-formulated on an appropriate higher, meta-systemic level. Stanislaw Lem gave in "Summa Technologiae" an example of such successful reformulation. It is about the everlasting dream of people to fly as birds. The dream-problem had not been solved in during of many centuries, and only its reformulation (admitting the use of apparatus heavier than air) got the solution when new technologies were mastered.

It is a right time now (earlier, it was impossible; later, it may be too late) to reformulate in similar way the problem of civilization security so for it to be resolved in some decades using new and newest technologies -- educational, intellectual and information ones.

(2) A hope however exists.

The point is that the best representatives of intelligentsia, those who are living with accordance with the conscience, used to evaluate all after the largest moral counting. It is why having realized the very hard global problem, of the very civilization existing, just they may take responsibility for the civilization's security and its further development, starting that high security plan. The United Nations I am quite sure might count on their support, even disinterested.  

Let us propose any group of such intelligent people realizes their involvedness into the problem and unites in the group for civilization security (GCS). What might be their actions?

Understanding the necessity to heighten the quality of thinking in their countries they went ahead with articles and interviews in media explaining ways of education reforming. Some of them elaborate programs of different levels of learning, others publish articles with critical analysis of the language showing reveals of SPT in lexemes by nobody marked earlier, argue that our instrument of the thought should not be stupid and rusty if it pretends to be a tool of good thinking. That and similar activities attract other thinking people, and GCS is replenishing. At any time the IntelNet, i.e. Internet's intellectual part, recognize GCS as appropriate partners, take their research problems as own ones. A movement to World Intellectual Resource begins.  

So united intelligent people can't leave unnoticed the problem of happiness, seeing their use of participating in its analytical, scientific, programming etc. accompaniment. For them, a forum on the problem would be huge sociologic laboratory where they might prove how their ideas of different strategies, of versions of future predicted were perceived, etc.

First initiators' activity would be many more successful if were supported by such authoritative organization as the UN. By the way, in early 2002, I posted at Forum, what Club of Rome hold then on its website, the text entitled "For all that, happiness on Earth is possible" (http://intentact.webs.com/for_all_that.htm). It was just about the old-age problem of happiness discussed in the World Net. Supporting GCS plans the UN have got an image of the foreseeing organization taking care of future generations' fortune.

It was there as well about the main root problem determining human calamities what had been and may be, up to the very humanity’s self-extermination. Alas, until now any shift to rebuilding world education system onto the path going to overcoming SPT had been done. Realizing root evolution linkage of SPT with widely apprehended interest, emotionality, and inherited instinctive programs of behavior, understanding how hard is for majority people to refute of the idea of Mighty Human Reason and to see its numerous defects I came in an essay to grievous inference, how the very its name says: All humanity may be fooled. But new and new SPT’s appearances, in particular in political and state activities, together with no shift made me soon strengthen that title up to: All Humankind must have been fooled
(http://intentact.webs.com/betise.htm). I.e. we are already “after event” but only don’t know about it.

However it doesn’t mean to give up and do nothing. In the end, the last title differs from previous only by measure of sureness in that apocalyptic end what may only happen without dependence on whomever efforts, ours and even of our progeny. 

That is why let us discuss what measure might help in achieving of these three goals-imperative. -->

Making for success of the proposed

A subject New dimension of human rights I proposed for discussion of the 61st Annual Conference DPI/NGO delegates (
http://intentact.webs.com/new_dim_hrs.htm). I argued that quite in spirit of the Conference working paper they might to discuss how panoramically thinking people might help to create "new mindset around human rights"; moreover, how entering into new dimension of human rights would sharpen interest to the very UN Declaration, giving in result "greater awareness of the state of human rights in the world".

Towards the moral revival. Friedrich Schiller counted: "The educated reason ennobles moral feelings; the head should bring up the heart". This thought may be considered as short expression of the all humane ethics created by Erich Fromm. So, renewal education would give people wider view on the world and on themselves inside to move away from the precipice of moral degradation.

Grounding the new dimension of Human Rights. Panoramic thinking (PT) has properties of any imagery, intuitive intelligibility and is justified from neurophysiologic consideration, as the surface layer of the cerebral cortex is the main substance of thinking. The right to be taught with PT is more than a new human right, it is a breakthrough opening an entry into the huge space of new opportunities both for persons and the civilization whole.

Pondering of role that renewed reason to play for moral coming-to-be of individuals I wrote in result Ethic panorama of thinking (http://intentact.webs/ethic_panor.htm) highlighting applications of ethics to school pedagogy, international relation, global problems, civilization security, attempts to present widened ethical framework for sustainable development, to set link between ethics and overcoming the SPT.   
I had formulated there as well a credo of an intelligent person:  if you are mastered with knowledge and apt abilities, you may and should realize that your historical mission, having in view the perspective of some generations is assist in elaborating a strategy of existence and development of Humankind, the strategy what might minimize threats of civilization's extermination and self-extermination and to be corrected then "in course of the life". 

Commenting Universal Declaration of Human Rights from point of view of the new dimension of human rights (
http://intentact.webs.com/comm_UDHR.htm) I dare to propose changing and replenishing some articles of the Declaration.

The plenary report Evolutionary sense of notions and techniques of Earthy science (
http://intentact.webs.com/evol_concept.htm) given in 1990 at all-USSR Conference on non-traditional ideas in the science, gave me a sureness that I realized existence of the important common-biological principle early unknown, the principle of tolerance. Owing to it I might present Nature’s recommendations for international institutions (http://intentact.webs.htm/nat_rec_IIs.htm), i.e. for international NGOs, including the main of them, the United Nation Organization, and also for governments, as a rule acting in contact with all the world. Owing to the principle I could get a notion about Civilization’s omissions, how look for and fill in them (http://intentact.webs.com/omiss_all.htm) and make three attempts to give direct confirmations of the said describing something like filled-in omission:
(1) mathematics to be more adequate the world we live in, (2) new comprehension of the physical law, (3) generalized principle of tolerance for alive and lifeless nature, and (4) renewed science striving for realizing its earthy subjectivism (and even any apt institution for such the science – National Academy of Renewed Anthropology (http://intentact.webs.com/na_antrpl.htm).

Raising a chance of success at working for secure civilization

Hardness of the problem above make think how to gather all possibilities, available and possible, in order to lighten its solving, to widen temporal framework for the participating thinkers, to create stimuli for others’ participation going ahead with new problems conjugated.  

The UN might have done very much for attracting attention of thinkers-volunteers to the problem having adopted
Proposal to create the UN Civilization Security Committee (
http://intentact.webs.com/civ_sec_UN.htm). It is said there: -->

Many people have adopted the call “Think globally, act locally” as corresponding their direction of activity. From the UN tribune this appeal was wired for sound repeatedly. We can see the very structure of the UN Security Council reflects this motto. Really, there are there the locality as geographic (Yugoslavia, Rwanda) as well as functional (peace-building, peacekeeping, terrorism, criminality, military problems). 
New the UN’s motto might however be wider:

Think globally, act locally, preparing all to act globally. 

Creation the UN Civilization Security Committee would be then the very first of the future global actions.

In New dimension of human rights (
http://intentact.webs.com/new_dim_hrs.htm) such the problem is posted:

George B. Shaw said out the thought: "Intellect, it is a passion. Descartes, without doubt, took of the life more than Casanova did". Anton Chekhov said even more: "For those who have experienced delights of creativity, other delights do not exist". Then such the question is justified: Doesn’t it happen so that the most of people awfully impoverish themselves, not having possibilities to express themselves in creative way, having no notion about the highest delight getting from intellectual emotions? Maybe people in masse, not separated individuals, have such tacit abilities of creators, and absence of the corresponding education system only does not permit them to experience in their lives moments of the highest happiness? If so, are there any opportunities to provide for people such a new human right as the right to be educated so for them to get abilities for creative activities?

It is about the right for people to get panoramic thinkers being able to overcome their mentality’s evolution backwardness.

It is at peace that is only possible to think of human rights and their widening. In Comment and additions to Universal Declaration of Human Rights (
http://intentact.webs.com/comm_UDHR.htm) was shown how the very possibility to perfect the human tool of the thought might give new content of declared human rights.

Nature’s recommendations for international institutions (http://intentact.webs.com/nat_rec_IIs.htm) were given both for international NGOs, including the UN as the main international institution, and for governments. Why recommendations of the Nature might be guidance for actions? Let’s juxtapose: 6 decades, 40 millennia and about 1 billion years. First is the time of the UN existing, second is the period since Homo Sapiens arisen to present, and third is the evaluated time of the life on Earth.

So, such the long earthy experience of the life might give us very serious ground providing in-depth reforming any human-containing systems, including international institutions. Theoretically, it is possible, if we know how 'to hear' the Nature's recommendations. Well, that know-how was worked out in my D.Sc. thesis “Searching Algorithms of Nature’s Recommendations” [1] defended in 2001 at IAIT (http://tvinteltech.narod.ru/auto_ref.html, in Russian).

My lecture Ethic panorama of the thinking (http://intentact.webs.com/ethic_panor.htm) might give
any stimuli for citizens to be socially responsive:
Blaise Pascal reckoned: “All our dignity is enclosed in the thought. Neither the space nor the time elevates us, but only it, our thought. Let us learn to good think: that is the main principle of moral”. Friedrich Schiller’s principle – “head should bring up the heart” – is in full agreement with Pascal’s. To elaborate one’s own ethical principles, to out-build an individual life strategy intending to be / to get a fruitful person to be interesting and necessary for others – all that is about overcoming SPT on the moral-ethical territory.

So the head may have taught the heart to think good. What does it mean?
Good thinking is honest thinking, i.e. controlling whether double standards are not used: one “for me”, another “for others”. In particular, it is presupposed as well for you to be “suspicious” to yourself: “Whether I have “played” with myself at give-away?”

Modern times give for ethical, i.e. honest thinking fantastic, unprecedented causes. Really, you can now ask yourself: “What I, educated and much knowing how to do, can help in solving, or even if relieving, these huge all-human problems because of which any long prospective for Humankind is not seen?”

Proposing to DPI/UN from the name ISPU “IAIT” draft of  Universal Declaration of Human Planetary Responsibility (http://intentact.webs.com/udhresp.htm) I’d want to fill in omission of 60 year remoteness. I mean here that the international law with Universal Declaration of Human Rights without corresponding declaration on human responsibilities is not full and not harmonic as not giving guarantees of declared human rights’ observance. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said as back as 1948: “Ganges of rights flow from Himalayas of responsibilities.” Human responsibility and corresponding Universal Declaration are waiting too long to be adopted. It is characteristic how much organizations and separate people had proposed already for it to move in action, mine was one of them, only with adjective Planetary (see about it http://intentact.webs.com/pl-respon.htm).

Responsibility of planetary scale, how it was said in my draft, relates in the first turn to those who have levers of influence on many people’s lives, i.e. state leaders, politicians, public figures, military; intellectuals, analysts, methodologists and other brain-working people; educational sphere’s workers; ecologists, biologists, workers of material production sphere; belletrists and artistic actors; those who are working with information and its technical providing. Though for other people it might be as well a good component their ethical behavior as having much to do with the culture of peace. The same goal was important for me in while writing Ecology of intra-human space as a school discipline (

The thought suggests itself here that the planetary responsibility and planetary consciousness might have got structurally forming the modern education in the world what may go to collapse because of lack of responsibility, first of politicians and state leaders.

Another possibility for pacification in the world might give an inter-faith agreement what was proposed to Elijah Interfaith Institute (
http://intentact.webs.com/to_elijah_prop.htm). In particular, it was said there: -->

It is well known, cooperation of people linked by a common affair is the best nearing factor. Just such common affair should be in place of dialogues/discussions/debates. In other way, it should be a dialogue-cooperation. This common affair is of civilization meaning, namely: to elaborate, looking for consensus, in result of collective network of believers and unbelievers, taking into account the already made and found, a common moral-ethic platform of whole humanity, being sure that Homo Sapiens Ethicus only may have future.

I proposed even, being unbeliever, a motto to be initiating believers to cope with their mission task: “Let us, we, believers, serve not only our gods, but as well all the humanity”.

Summing up the said above

* Rio+20 Conference gives direction where to strive to:
Sustainable societies, responsible citizens” in the nearest times. To overlap a longer temporary diapason needs to assist at realization Creating the system of civilization security in the 21st century (http://intentact.webs.com/civ_secure.htm);

* Rio+20 Conference proposing to carry out global dialogue “Vote for the future you want” foretokens appearance of similar global dialogue at many-language Internet forum on happiness, eternal dream of people (http://intentact.webs.com/for_all_that.htm). “When people negotiate, guns are silent”, and to create a grounded strategy of civilization sustainable development would be more time;

* The UN Leadership having create Committee for Civilization Security (or a division at the UN Council of Security of corresponding direction)

(http://intentact.webs.com/civ_sec_UN.htm) would show all the world its care for the future of the humanity, gave people more sureness on a day tomorrow;

* Moreover, such the UN structure would make for uniting now separated think-tanks and networkers into collective super-intelligence, in perspective of some generations – of planetary scale, what might get Planetary Reason of Humankind (http://intentact.webs.com/intel_uni.htm);

* The UN Committee for Civilization Security might get organizing force to launch elaborating national pilot educational projects for creation of learning programs letting pupils and students to overcome common-human evolutionary backwardness, the shortage of panoramic thinking (http://intentact.webs.com/betise.htm);

* Human Planetary Responsibility (http://intentact.webs.com/pl-respon.htm) having been declared from the high UN Tribune as another, on a level with Human Rights, object of the international law, would gave the world community better observance of human rights, assist in  better apprehending among people, permit them though if not to strengthen global problems threatening the very existence of modern civilization;

* It’d like to think that the very idea of civilization’s omissions (http://intentact.webs.com/omiss_all.htm), of a train of discoveries seemingly standing behind it might give scientists and any networkers orientation where and how to “digger” in order to come to breaking-through solutions, what, in turn, would open new possibility for civilization to cope with global problems impending to live in sustainable world.

* Nature’s recommendations proposed for international institutions (http://intentact.webs.com/nat_rec_IIs.htm) are only one of possible applications of the principle of tolerance (a little known insofar) for human-containing systems. A better (the best?) social system for people to be found – is possible result of this new common-biological principle’s application. Moreover, international NGOs, as the very mobile among international structures, taking into consideration there recommendations, might carry out more into the life the spirit of the times and be more conjugated with the UN at its international affairs.

* I hope that my Free School for Panoramic Thinking (http://www.wiser.org/group/Sch_pan_th) may be considered as well as a step in the same direction, to more sustainable development.

Concluding I’d like to reproduce primary title of the Appeal:

To heighten the human mentality, both individual and collective, means to take the path of sustainable development.

Written by Dr. Vladimir Tretyakov (Belarus),
Representative at the DPI/UN powered by ISPU “IAIT”.

Posted as well as a http://www.wiser.org/article/5255fa3bd26603929348d4a2fb3dea72 Lecture 16 / WikiPage at http://www.wiser.org/group/Sch_pan_th Free School for Panoramic Thinking

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