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The hidden epistemological biases of virtual worlds, and how they hurt natural ecology

see Website: http://cabowers.net/

key argument: our virtual environments carry hidden and implicit messages about the (pseudo)abundance of the world, and undermines sustainability consciousness,


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From: Chet Bowers
Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 1:00 PM
Subject: Exploring mutual interests
To: michelsub2004@gmail.com

Hi Michel:

Many thanks for sending information about where I could learn about your programs. I have checked them all out, and was impressed by the scope of your interests and influence. As I am not clear about what you have read of my work, I suggest that you might find it most useful to look at the following: if you are interested in reforms of the public schools then the online book, TRANSFORMING ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: MAKING THE CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL COMMONS THE FOCUS OF EDUCATIONAL REFORMS would be the most useful. If you are interested in higher educational issues, the online book to look at would be UNIVERSITY REFORM IN AN ERA OF GLOBAL WARMING; and if you are interested in language and cultural commons issues, then there are chapters that you may find useful in the online book, TOWARD A POST-INDUSTRIAL CONSCIOUSNESS: UNDERSTANDING THE LINGUISTIC BASIS OF ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE EDUCATIONAL REFORMS. The two chapters on language and the chapter on the cultural commons are also relevant in other areas such as international development discussions, and how to address poverty issue. Also, if you check the bio-statement on m,y website you will find a list of books I have published through regular publishers. Hope this is helpful. I have enclosed the chapter titles that are in the three online books. Best wishes, Chet Bowers

Announcing three new online books that are available by Googling C. A. Bowers, and going to online articles and books under the Eco-Justice Press. As the books are being presented as part of the cultural commons they may be downloaded without charge. Sharing this notice with colleagues at your university and elsewhere will help foster discussions of how to introduce ecologically sustainable reforms across the disciplines.

University Reform in an Era of Global Warming


Chapter 1 Rethinking the Mission of the University

Chapter 2 Slowing the Rate Environmental Degradation

Chapter 3 Conceptual Double Binds that Must Be Addressed in Reforming
Higher Education

Chapter 4 The Slippery Slope of Double-Bind thinking

Chapter 5 The Platonic Roots of the Double Binds that are Deepening the
Ecological Crises

Chapter 6 University Reforms that Address Ecological Interconnections and Dependencies

Chapter 7 The Cultural Mediating Role of the Professor—Across the Disciplines


Chapter 8 The Case for Rethinking the Focus and Parameters of Academic Freedom

Toward a Post-Industrial Consciousness: Understanding the Linguistic Basis of Ecologically Sustainable Educational Reforms


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Western Philosophy, Language, and the Titanic Mind-Set that has Put Us on a
Collision Course With Environmental Limits

Chapter 3 The Linguistic Colonization of the Present by Past Thinkers Who Were Unaware of Environmental Issues

Chapter 4 How the Linguistic Complicity of George Lakoff Supports the Market Liberal’s Agenda for Enclosing the Cultural and Environmental Commons

Chapter 5 The Double Bind of Environmentalists Who Identify Themselves as Liberals

Chapter 6 Revitalizing the Cultural Commons in an Era of Political and Ecological Uncertainties

Chapter 7 Toward an Ecologically Sustainable Vocabulary

Appendix: Handbook for Faculty Workshops on How to Introduce Cultural Commons and Ecojustice Issues into Their Courses

Transforming Environmental Education: Making the Renewal of the
Cultural and Environmental Commons the Focus of Educational Reform


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2. Integrating Environmental Education into Commons Education

Chapter 3: Teaching Sustainable Cultural Assumptions

Chapter 4: The Classroom Practice of Commons Education

Chapter 5: The Political Context of Commons Education

Chapter 6: Toward Culturally-Grounded Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Website: http://cabowers.net/

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