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Democratic Socioeconomic Platform announcement

Fellow Passengers and Crew,

Now that it has indeed and undeniably hit the fan, and is splattering about on everyone, we take this crisis/opportunity to respectfully suggest the following.

The purpose of this communication is to announce and present to you a Democratic Socioeconomic Platform, in search of a Democratic Political Party.

This Democratic Socioeconomic Platform (DSeP) is available on the website of the Center for the Study of Democratic Societies at:


The purpose of this Democratic Socioeconomic Platform is to put forth a new, fundamentally just, democratic and systemically consistent political platform capable of, when democratically implemented, satisfactorily resolving or significantly reducing a wide variety of contemporary serious societal problems, as well as effectively enhancing the General Welfare of All Citizens of a Democratic Society.

Socioeconomic Democracy, which is the essence of the proposed DSeP, can be viewed as engaging in Transformational Politics, that is, an evolutionary politics that consciously, openly, honestly, forthrightly, publicly, thoughtfully, peacefully, democratically and successfully works to realize Synergetic Inclusive Societal Improvement. It will be seen that Socioeconomic Democracy contributes significantly to the Positive Empowerment and Healthy Development of all Participants of a Democratic Society.

Specifically, Socioeconomic Democracy (SeD) is a theoretical and practical socioeconomic system wherein there exist both some form and amount of Universally Guaranteed Personal Income (UGI) and some form and amount of Maximum Allowable Personal Wealth (MAW), with both the lower bound on personal material poverty and the upper bound on personal material wealth set and adjusted democratically by all participants of a democratic society.

Serious discussion, further development and wide exposure of the ideas and possibilities presented in this DSeP are sought, necessary, and could be fun.

The Contents of this 2-Part Democratic Socioeconomic Platform are as follows:

Part I - Democratic Systems


Political Platforms

Democratic Socioeconomic Platforms

Essential Aspects of Socioeconomic Democracy

Economic Elements of Socioeconomic Democracy

Economic Incentives Created by Socioeconomic Democracy

Democratic Resolution of Socioeconomic Problems

Part II - Socioeconomic Ramifications


A Few Individual yet Intimately Intertwined Socioeconomic Problems Successfully Resolved or Significantly Reduced with Socioeconomic Democracy

References and Links

Suggested Further Reading.

Again, the DSeP, a pdf file, is available at:



Robley E. George
Center for the Study of Democratic Societies

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