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Beyond Anglo-Saxon dominance: capturing the spirit of innovation in Europe

Via Raf Weverbergh:

I'm in the middle of launching a continental, European site about innovation and entrepreneurship - to be clear: not a European TechCrunch/Mashable clone, because my aim is to write about more than just tech. What interests me is how people build great, innovative companies. I want to get to know the European startups and founders that will go all the way, but I also want to capture the general spirit of innovation in Europe.…


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Launch of P2P Farming and land trust project in Chiang Mai area


Via Layne Hartsell:


Request info via hartsellml@gmail.com


"Recently I wrote an article for the Journal of Nanoethics on an inspiring young philosopher/activist named Donnie Maclurcan, at the University of Technology (Sydney) and the Post-Growth Institute. The article was on the intricacies of nanotechnology and global equity in economics for the…


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A path to sustainable development for all that exists!

Don’t Give Humankind to Get Self-Fooled!

There is a Path to Sustainable Development…


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Global Frackdown Day: September 22

via Maxime Combes:

As you may know, September 22 is a Global Frackdown day to challenge all the fracking, shale gas & shale oil projects all over the world. 
All the 100 events :  …

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On Saturday 15th September: ‘Free Money Day’.

Via Donnie Maclurcan:

 On Saturday 15th September, at various locations worldwide, people will hand out their own money to complete strangers, asking recipients to pass half on to someone else.


Suggested tweet: Make some change this September 15th… then give it all away: bit.ly/freemoneyday #freemoneyday…


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A one click button to help researchers find one another

Via Michael Lissack:

info at http://www.rockethub.com/projects/10270-change-academic-research-forever

We are building a one click button to help researchers find one another based on what they read and search. Find an expert instantly.   We want to enable researchers to find out "who should I talk to?" with merely a…


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Second Global Villages Workshop Meeting August 10

via Franz Nahrada:

"Just as a reminder: more than 20 people will come together on Friday in the rural village of Aigelsberg near Polling near Altheim in the Austrian Border Region of Innviertel at the farm of Rajah Guptara-Öllinger. Rajah is an active network member, with family roots in India, who partly turned his farm into a fine touristic and convention location. We are considering creating a critical mass of…

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Webinar: The New Energy-Economic Reality

Thursday, August  2, 12:00 - 1:30 pm Eastern

The New Energy-Economic Reality

Featuring Dr. Charles A.S. Hall - Professor, School of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York; Co-Author, …


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Scholarships for Economies of the Commons course in Germany

via Silke Helfrich:

“The Economies of the Commons: Reshaping Economic Education”, September 19-23, 2012, in Bonn, Germany

Scholarships for International Fall Academy 2012 (Right Livelihood College, Bonn)

 Organisation/Location: RLC Campus Bonn, Germany

Dates: Deadline for application: August 6, 2012

Website: …


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Democratizing Creativity: Brickflow, the shared multimedia playground

Do you remember playing with Lego? Working with multimedia should be just as easy and playful. Brickflow is a web application that enables content creators to playfully combine multimedia from anywhere on the web through a shared, virtual whiteboard.

We believe this tool will not only help millions of online content creators, but will also have tremendous power in marketing,…


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The Gathering '12 in Melbourne

via David Hood:

Gathering '11 gave us the opportunity to connect and discover what's happening and what's possible in the edges. Gathering '12 is an opportunity to build on that…


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Greens/EFA group at the European Parliament call for Open Innovation support agenda

Via Gaelle Krikorian:

"As discussed with some of you the Greens/EFA group at the European Parliament just launched a call for a progressive agenda for creation and innovation.

Full details can be found on the website at:



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Course: Group Facilitation Methods and Skills for Community Leadership

Recommended by  Mark Petz:

From: Jonathan Dudding a href="mailto:jdudding@gn.apc.org">jdudding@gn.apc.org>

This is to let you know we have obtained some funding from Grundtvig which allows us to run a free training for people coming from outside the UK- it will be five packed days (plus two for travel) in a lovely rural north west England from August 25th-31st. It will focus on Group Facilitation Methods and Skills for Community…


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Call for papers: “The impact of Digitally-enabled Places and Spaces”

via Bertram Niessen:

Digicult is inviting proposals for an issue addressing the following call topics, especially from individuals such as: curators, critics, hackers, fabbers, creative producers, lab managers, activists, designers, theorists, independent and academic writers, scholars, artists, etc.

Call for papers: “Places and…


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P2P versus Marxism: a new (r?)evolutionary way to build a better world

I think most Marxists have so far underestimated the impact of the Internet, new technologies, open source, peer-to-peer etc. on society. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, one can always argue that ‘there is nothing new under the sun”. Capitalism has always revolutionised the means of production in order to beat the competition. So why should it this time be different? I think there are many reasons. One is that the capitalist system must grow to survive and…


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Appel pour produire des biens communs immatériels

via Bastien Sibille:

Nous attirons l'attention de toutes les forces d'économie sociale et solidaire sur l'enjeu considérable que constitue, pour le secteur, la production de biens communs immatériels. De Firefox, logiciel libre, à Wikipedia, encyclopédie ouverte, en passant par Open Street Map, outil de cartographie collaborative, les biens communs immatériels proposent des modèles productifs efficients, oeuvrant pour l'intérêt général et porteur d'émancipation…

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Towards a new free currency based on Bitcoin: Freicoin

An important experiment, that deserves funding support:

<iframe src="http://www.indiegogo.com/project/135979/widget" width="224px" height="429px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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P2P Foundation will assist network weaving efforts in Brazil

We have ambitious and optimistic plans to do a comprehensive mapping of the p2p initiatives in Brazil, with a network of friends and supporters. References below are to Rio de Janeiro and my recent stay there.


Here's a message from Vinicius Braz Rocha:

Conectadíssimos parceiros & amigos =)

Connected partners & friends =)

Agradeço imensamente a excepcional acolhida proporcionada para o Michel Bauwens durante sua estada nesta…


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New book: People Money - the Promise of Regional Currencies

Via  John Rogers 

'People Money - the Promise of Regional Currencies' 

tells the stories of 
14 leading local currency systems from around the world. It is a refreshing dose of positive good news and sanity in a time that is dominated by news of financial crisis and breakdown. The alternatives are real and are happening now. You can help them to…

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