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Observations on "Open Everything"

I was finally able to slow down enough from catching up on things and do a little exploring of the P2P site. And so, had the chance to watch Mr. Bauwens TEDx “Open Everything” presentation .

I was most taken by the observations about the shifts between periods of acceptable norms in society, and their reflected effects on the structure of governance. Especially as it relates to the current transition.

A more concise analogy might be that small independent bubbles form at… Continue

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Editorial "from Ecorev 33 : Thinking after capitalism with André Gorz"

Via Emmanuel Dessendier, editor in chief of Ecorev:

Two years ago, a few days before our patron André Gorz and his wife passed away, he had sent us his last text.

EcoRev’s present issue pays tribute to this great thinker and father of political ecology. It is special also in the sense that it is published ten years after the original issue, which focused on “Surviving capitalism”. Yet, this tribute does not want to regard the “Gorzian philosophy” as sacred.… Continue

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Call for Papers Internet Research 11.0 - Sustainability, Participation, Action

The 11th Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the

Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)

October 21-23, 2010 University of Gothenburg/Chalmers University of

Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

The challenge of this conference is to find multiple avenues for

participation and action towards a sustainable future. In a society

increasingly aware of social and ecological imbalance, many people now

see information and communication… Continue

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Education as a Commons

Via Stevphen Shukaitis, Autonomedia Editorial Collective, http://www.autonomedia.org

Beneath the University, the Commons

A conference at the University of Minnesota

April 8-11, 2010

// Antioch 05.08 // Rome 10.08 // Athens 12.08 // New York City

12.08 // Helsinki 03.09 // Zagreb 05.09 // Heidelberg 06.09 // London

06.09 //Santa Cruz 09.09//

Seemingly discrete struggles over the conditions of… Continue

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