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Featured Blog Posts – April 2011 Archive (10)

Michel Bauwens at Mindfield, Dublin, April 29 and 30

For general info on the festival see http://mindfield.ie/festival-schedule/

Summary of my schedule:'


Friday 29th

8:00 - 9:30pm

Panel Discussion "Remix : Culture Hacking" in the Ignition tent…


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Remix : Culture Hacking Panel at Mindfield, Dublin, April 29th

Remix : Culture Hacking

The Remix is no longer solely the domain of the DJ. Culture is a

conversation and today in the Internet age more people than ever are

taking part contributing their own creative take on the sounds, images

and texts that shape our world. Cheap access to digital tools and

broadband means anyone can remix and publish online. Its become a part

of everyday life. But this emergent culture of sharing and remixing is

not without its… Continue

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A conference on the pioneering Open Commons Region Linz experience

By Laurent Straskraba, who attented the conference:


A Report on the introduction event "Open Commons Region Linz", 11 April 2011 at the "Knowledge Tower Linz"


The event was opened by Councilwoman Eva Schobesberger (Green Party), who is also head of the VHS Knowledge Tower, where the event took place.…

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Conference: Rethinking economics in a time of economic distress

Founded in 1993, the International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics (ICAPE) is an association of associations committed to promoting healthy diversity in approaches to producing economic knowledge.

For the upcoming conference, to be held at U.Mass.-Amherst on Nov. 11-13, 2011, we invite proposals for papers or sessions from any strand of interested scholarship, examining…

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Debate in Dublin with Feasta on May 8: Is Peer Production Sustainable?

5. Sunday, May 8th, Central Hotel, Dublin (afternoon and evening)

               An Introduction to peer-to-peer

               Wikipedia and Linux are impressive examples of intellectual labour

created on and through the internet  but they don't fit conventional

economic theory as the people who developed and refined them did not

charge for their work and there is no charge for their use. No

corporation organised their creation and claimed ownership… Continue

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Five stages to humanity's ownership of the physical layer of the network

Isaac Wilder, on the the radical necessity of humanity's co-owning the physical layer.


More info via http:www.freenetworkmovement.org


Isaac Wilder writes:


As I see it, this is the only path to freedom.


To that end, I *have* a roadmap. It has five stages, and follows hot

on the tail of this preamble. I see this roadmap playing out…


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Sharing files with zipstick



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Moneyless Picnic in Barcelona

Via Elf Pavlik:


I've stayed in Barcelona for some days now and I have just started calling

up people from various networks and projects to start meeting in picnic

like environment with Open Space like meeting. If any of people from this

list stay in Barcelona please feel heartfully invited to join in! more info



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New commons-oriented political magazine: Stir To Action

Via Jonny Gordon-Farleigh:


"I have just finished editing Stir - www.stirtoaction.wordpress.com - feel free to republish any of the articles on your site.  They are all under creative commons licenses.  Also please share with anyone who is involved or interested in community organising and political activism.

It features:


Can the Commons Move from the Margins to the Mainstream?…


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