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Featured Blog Posts – January 2011 Archive (9)

Study:; how social media are creating a new type of activist organizations

Via Les Squires:


Over the last decade widespread debate about environmental issues and ethical consumer behavior has fostered the development of new grassroots organizations. These organizations represent a departure from the more hierarchical and institutionalized social movement organizations (SMOs) operating within similar…


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Amnesty: Stop the Inhumane Treatment of WikiLeaks Soldier Bradley Manning

Via Amnesty USA:




US authorities must alleviate the harsh pre-trial detention conditions of Bradley Manning, the soldier accused…


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Online symposium about access to knowledge, Tues. Feb. 1 - Thurs. Feb. 3.

Via Amy Kapczynski:


I'm writing with an invitation to participate in an online symposium about access to knowledge, on the occasion of the publication of a new edited volume on the topic.  
The book, called "Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property," (Zone Press; fulltext here --> …

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New introductory course on the Commons open for registration

Via Mary Beth Steisslinger:



Hello Friends Around the World, thought you might be interested in participating in the next Common Course online, beginning the end of January, 2011.   


I am putting this out to people i know who are working towards sustainability and justice in various fields.  I think you will find that the commons movement provides means to operationalize sustainability and enable transparency,…


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New report on the benefits of raw 'open public service data'

Via Marco Fioretti:


"Open Data, Open Society is a report I wrote for the Institute of

Economics of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. The report represents the

first part of a research project (1) financed through the DIME network

(Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe), as part of DIME Work

Package 6.8, coordinated by Professor Giulio Bottazzi.

The report discusses the current and potential role, in a truly…


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Reset Ireland: January 15 and 16

Via Kevin Flanagan:


Reset Ireland is a grassroots initiative to facilitate conversation for real social, political and economic change through developing an action plan for open government and media reform. Many conversations about political reform are all ready taking place in Ireland. Reset Ireland is an opportunity to knit these conversations together. A call to action for an alternative Ireland.

Whats this about?

Like many people witnessing the…


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P2P Foundation announces new mailing list

Via Kevin Carson:


Here is a link to the new P2P Research email list:


It is a mailman list like the present one, and the subscription

procedure is quite simple and straightforward.

If you wish to remain a member and continue to receive messages,

please click on the link and subscribe…


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New book: the insect logic behind our networked societies

new book links insect behaviour to social ‘webs’


insect logic is seen behind contemporary media technologies and network society



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Bringing the discussion on The Commons to Dakar at the World Social Forum

Via Biens Communs: http://bienscommuns.org/blog/?p=1180


The World Social Forum and the World Forum on Science and Democracy will be two opportunities for the commoners to interact with other civic and social movements.

A list of discussion is now open for volunteers at :…


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