This is an open project with the goal of catalyzing strategic confluence among related projects.

Confluence: ‘a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point’… ‘the flowing together of two or more streams’
  • Venessa Miemis

    this sounds like a perfect integration with a conversation/dialogue platform i am inspiring to be built. it's just a rough prototype now (, but essentially it's live streaming video with a twitter backchannel, allowing for a global public dialogue. eventually i see it as a 3D conversation landscape with a bunch of collaborative features, but we're just getting started.

    here's a few posts about it

    Junto: Discussing Ideas Worth Spreading, & Junto is Born!

    and here's a few mockups of how it could look down the road: junto on flickr

    anyway, i want it to be a free, open source environment based in trust and cooperation, where people can exchange knowledge and ideas and be resources for each other to solve problems, build intelligence, and raise consciousness.

    i hope we can team up our ideas!

    - venessa