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Las Indias.net uses freenet for internal communication and recommended it to us.


I asked Sepp Hasslberger to look into it and here is his reaction:


(comments are very welcome, eventually for a more substantive treatment in our regular blog?)


"It is a very rudimentary web, somewhat difficult to "get into" and certainly with much latency, i.e. very slow to give you any result of what you're looking for. Many things just can't be found on freenet,
that are readily available on the open internet. 

Freenet might one day grow into a real alternative to the open internet, if there was enough pressure, meaning if the open internet was getting very
controlled and very suppressed, where it became ractically unuseable.
Until that time however, there is no way that wikileaks could go on
freenet and do what it is doing today on the internet.
What I am tryint to say is that for now, there is too large of a gap between what freenet can realistically do and what the aims of WikiLeaks are. 
WikiLeaks has found ways to replicate on the open internet through volunteer duplication of its pages and files, and is in no immediate danger of
vanishing. So although theoretically, freenet might be useful in the
case of a completely controlled and suppressed internet, we just arent'
there yet - thankfully, I might add."

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