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Sun lays off 6,000 employees to save $800M

I know this is happening across the board. All major companies with no major savings and even those with major savings are shedding jobs, streamlining etc.

But this is no ordinary recession.

When European and American officials start debating, in panic state, the level of regulation needed for financial markets, you know we're going through an upheaval.

And when going through upheaval that's when we have the greatest opportunity for change.

So in terms of change, what ideas are out there for turning disaster into opportunity?

For example, in the case of massive corporate layoffs, one idea is: think of what you can do with 6,000 laid off IT professionals, with a little moral support and some working space, mentors and thought leaders provided by their ex-employer?

How many world-changing startups can emerge? 2, 3? Well, even 1 world changing startup would be snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

And the ex employer still saves $800M. The cost of moral boost being non-material. The cost of space being marginal. And the cost of mentors/thought-leaders/change enablers being negligible.

Imagine the opportunity?

Now imagine the disaster of 6,000 de-moralized, laid off IT workers? their purpose taken away, their work space taken away, their morale demolished.

Why not turn disasters like these into great opportunities for change?

What other ideas are out there for turning disasters into opportunities?

Just curious...

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