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Recommendations of Nature to get healthier individually and socially

by Dr. Vladimir Tretyakov

Posted as Lecture 9 at Free School for Panoramic Thinking.  The main its text is prepared on the base of my articles published in the three Slavonic languages and in English is published first. The latest comments and additions are given in blue italics.   

* Concept to counteract the aging
* Methodology to counteract the aging based on PT and its consequences

* Sleeping ad libitum
* A method of heart rehabilitation
* Let’s rise our level of activity
* Vascular gymnastics
* Vitamin for the age
* Strategies of the Life recommended by the Nature
* Prof. Nickolay Arinchin’s principles of creating the health
* Proposed by Prof. Victor Maslov (Moscow)
* From point of the planetary responsibility view

        Here is for the beginning a little literary deviation. Let us remember how Mr. Adams from “One-floor America” by Illya Ilf and Eugene Petrov exulted when people being under his wardship might by no means have seen the sequoia which he showed at. Being too great it might not be placed into their notion “a tree”. It looked as if because of the same cause – of being too general and all-enveloped – the principle of tolerance as well had been “seen” by evolutionary biologists until 1973, when the author of these lines first went ahead with it having presented a report at the methodological seminar of Institute of mathematics, Academy of Sciences, Belarusian SSR.

The great is good seen at a distance. To have seen a sequoia it needed to go away from it. As for me I got a necessary distance “to have seen” this all-biological principle owing to my theoretical physics specialization graduated (1961) from the Belarusian university.

* Concept to counteract the aging

“Organism” of the Life on Earth, with all alive habiting on it, has many features of an alive organism as the “organism” is growing, developing and demonstrates – more than a billion of years! – remarkable ability to continue the life. Experience of this billion-year «organism» for people, among which 100-years are considered as long-living, may accounted instructive – as recommendations of the very Nature. It is needed only to be able to reveal and use them.

Diversity of the life on Earth may be expressed by the principle of tolerance
(PT): For any living species, the phase volume of the space of species features is not-zero value. To say simpler: the Nature gives the life a tolerance, that is why the principle’s name.

PT at organism’s level: The wider area of parameters being compatible with the life, the more organism’s stability and fitness to condition of existence, and the more reserve of rest years to live.

Principle of sufficient informational diversity (a consequence of PT): Healthy and young organism has  sufficient wide informational diversity of reactions onto changing its inner milieu and environment. From this follows that the aging, or littering information channels, is,  in the tolerance notion language, narrowing the informational diversity of an organism, the cause being informational screening biologically essential signals.

Principle of energetic excess (a consequence of PT): Vital activity of any organism is provided with “supply”, in excess of that what is necessary for adaptive behavior to sustain.

In such formulation of PT begetting new species may be understood and intention to assimilate new natural habitats, as well as interest to the new, abilities to learn, create, dream and foresee.   


* Methodology to counteract the aging based on PT and its consequences

Organism’s level:


           * Do not narrow, but at opportunity widen diversity of your habitat (as it should widen diversity of your inner milieu).

           * In spite of your age, don’t diminish, but at possibility increase numbers of affairs, occupations and entertainments (with the same aim).

           * Keep high level of metabolic processes in your organism owing to not strong, but constantly acting irritating factors (e.g., when at home being barefooted and/or lightly clothed).

           * Carry out highly active way of life, taking care of positive emotional support of your actions.

           * “Switch on” creative thinking even in situations standard and usual, or at necessity to perform monotonous work – as all this erases relief of your personality, diminishes the very need of your organism for diversity.

           * Take a care of your information renewal that via mechanism of positive feedback is able to support your interest to the life.

           * Your setting at “creativity forever” should not admit exception when question touches on rendering you healthier, what is almost the same as rejuvenation. It means, in particular, that Nature’s recommendations of general character given here above, and below, in II, may and should as well give you a food for you mind being applied to your own organism and your health. Creative activity, especially diverse, makes you get younger.


Level of separate organism’s organs and systems


           * Use dynamically various temperature irritants (e.g. contrasting douche) as making for your subsurface capillary vessels to be pliant and elastic.

           * Keep up your brain in the state of information openness and fore-readiness to active actions. Your health more than by 50% depends on health of your brain.
           * Having got keen states of joints, take out the states not permitting them to turn into chronic (using biomechanical stimulation, massage, water procedures, medicinal and grass applications). Joints being sore diminish both your mobility and need for movement, limiting in result your vital activity .

           * Keep up with keenness of your sight and ear. These are the main organs of senses determining the most information renewal of your organism. Normal perception of the outer world, even if corrected by spectacles or ear-apparatus, is a pledge you have an additional reserve of the health for the future.

           * Apply, even if occasionally, separate or better petty-separate nutrition (when all products of the nutrition are taken of separately and successively, one product consumed being separated from another by even if some minutes), as this directly influences biochemistry of organism’s inner milieu, raising its diversity.

Owing to this methodology being in last 1990s yet not published I was awarded by IAG (Moscow International Academy of Gerontology) a Corresponding member diploma. 


My own experience of making myself healthier


Andre Maurois admitted that the age is “a bad habit, for what active people have not a time”. He was right, though didn’t read the concept.

I am going to tell you about my experience of making myself healthier. It based just on a transfer to more active existence.

In middle 1990s, drawing nearer to pensioner (60-year) age, I suddenly realized that my cardiac-vessel system wanted to be better. Really, I frozen in the flat already at 20° C, didn’t make do without wool socks. I deemed I must do something. And there was as an insight: I should raise my level of metabolism!

It is known that elderly drooping appears in particular in reduction of masses muscles and bones, tissues of the body are wasted with products of “under-metabolism” (cholesterol, calcium), blood influx to organs is diminished, capillaries are narrowed and dying, digestive function is weaken. Realizing that all these processes may be resisted if my organism will be found at any constant irritants to stimulate my metabolism. So, I decide at home to be not only without socks, but even without slippers and shirts, and as regard underclothes, I excluded these at all even when winters. 

was manly decision. First 3 or 4 months it appeared me I mocked at myself. But on a beautiful day I felt myself comfortably sitting at home at writing-table at 16° C without shirts. Sooner I did without gloves at temperature over -15°. My inner organs appeared to get better as my bad general state on mornings ceased, I got more stable to catarrhal deceases. True, I didn’t forget to do daily cold spilling over myself. I was satisfied I appeared to be a good forecaster as the by-effects of my new standard of life were guessed right: really, my gums ceased to bleed, both chaps of the legs and scurf in the hear vanished, thinning out of hear diminished.

* Sleeping ad libitum

You are proposed to assist renewing processes in your organism, directing onto supporting diversity of your inner milieu. The very important process of such kind is physiologically normal sleep.

So, how to fall asleep when there are problems with it?

It is proposed to master a technique of falling asleep on your own wish. I told about it at 1974 Republican conference of neuro-pathologists and psychiatrists at 2nd Minsk clinical hospital.

        Each of us knows situation when to have slept needs because tomorrow responsible day (examination, business meeting, lecture, report at a conference, account before authorities) etc., but it doesn’t turn out as to spite.
        Then I told there how the differential equation for level of keeping awake was composed, gave its analysis and went to recommendations.

        Settle yourself as it is comfortable for you. The first stage of the sleep is overflowed inhibition in the cortex. To reach it, close eyes and try, peering at dark field seen, to find lighter or darker spots. If you screw up your eyes very firmly, such spots-points appear without fail. Your task is to concentrate onto them all your attention and keep it so some minutes. Imagine that these heterogeneities are situated just near eyes, somewhere in area of your bridge of the nose.

        If for all that you might not fall asleep (troubling thoughts broke into consciousness), there are enforced variants of the techniques following from the equation. I named them “to seat the falling asleep on unconditional reflex”. You may use the fact that any normal falling asleep is conveyed with weakening muscles’ tension and lowering concentration of oxygen in blood. So, let you simulate these weakening and lowering. For this it is needed for some seconds to tense your muscle and keep them so (1st variant) and/or to have done some intensive breaths and exhalations (2nd variant). Pay an attention: however paradoxically it is, to get sleep weakening the muscles need previously to tense them, and to get sleep lowering oxygen concentration is possible if previously it to heighten. I don’t exclude just because of it such recommendation was proposed nobody before. 

Addition for those who suffer from insomnia, who “all means over tested with no effect”. Try to use that circumstance that the state of relax, being considered as the state of full rest, is reached just at similar concentration onto the visual background. So, if you may not have slept in during of that “sinking into yourself”, you possibly will get preference over those who may not keep from to not have slept. It is considered that 10 minutes at relax are equivalent 1 hour sleep on effectiveness of the rest.

The same equation for level of keeping awake appeared appropriate, after similar analysis, to elaborate recommendations concerning how to get more mentally active, so to say, to call forth “the inspiration by an order”. As being a by-subject for the entitled problem, that is a cause to write about it separately in order to show the  equation and its analysis in operation. I promise to do it a little later when the lecture will be posted.

* A method of heart rehabilitation

Let’s take into account a fact remarked by Prof. Nickolay Arinchin (Belarus): exercises on raising body when you are lying on the back, the feet being fixed, do not accelerate heart activity. Explanation is that diaphragm-peritoneum muscle (DPM) possesses such strong blood-compressing function that its tension doesn’t create any additional load for the heart.

It is possible to use this fact for goals of the heart rehabilitation. At 1st its stage, this exercise sparing for the heart, needs to execute sometimes a day. Through 2—3 months DPM, getting fortified, takes away a part of heart load, and you may start the 2nd stage of the rehabilitation,  when other sparing exercises are linked up, firstly “the gymnastics of poses”, i.e. yoga. The same quality have as well isostatic gymnastic exercises, being executed factually without doing mechanical work. As a ground you may take: 1, right-left hands “competition” by force; 2, “lifting” yourself together with a chair you are sitting on; 3, “shifting a wall” or “moving a doorway apart”.
After other 2—3 months of systematic execution both of yoga and isostatic exercises your heart, supported by fortified muscles (“peripheral hearts”), is getting hardier.

I said out this idea at joint Conference arranged by International Academy of Gerontology, Belarusian Devision, and National Academy of Science in October, 1998, and had got approval of Prof. N. Arinchin, cardiologist and gerontologist, being the chairman of the Conference. 

* Vascular gymnastics

Sclerosis of blood vessels reveal themselves in deposits of different salts on their inner walls, and vessels are getting less pliant and more brittle. You are proposed to include in morning drill such exercise as to spank yourself with palms on over the body up to sensation of pain. As blood is factually not compressed, the procedure’s effectiveness (a paradox!) the higher the more deposits inside your vessels.
Foots is desirable to treat especially good as there are there besides blood vessels as well ones of immune system and nervous ends. It is no accident that there is a popular recommendation to go barefoot while the dew is still on the ground.

Obviously, an effect of “spanking yourself” you can only remark after systematic repetitions. However, there is an agreeable immediate by-effect. If the procedure is doing just at once after night sleep, it banishes sleepy stupefaction, gives sensation of cheerfulness. So almost everybody has positive sustenance for the regular vessels gymnastics on mornings, even having no disorder with vessels.

After “dry” vessels gymnastics, what is a novelty, is good “wet” one. I mean here known recommendation to apply cold and hot douches by turns on all the body having as well useful action for your blood vessels.
* Let’s rise our level of activity

Mammals’ period of development up to full ripeness is 1/7 to 1/6 of their general durations of their lives. Such mammal as the man has period of the full ripeness about 22—25 years, so if he is not exclusion of the rule, his duration of the life should be 150—175 years. However because of understood reason human life usually as less as half of this period, and among almost all peoples the age after 70 years is counted as elderly one.

American psychologists separate five life positions of elderly people.
1st position: dependent. Such the people look for help and recognizing, and, not getting that or this, feel unhappy or offended.
2nd position: protected. It about those who are as if covered with protecting armor, who want no help from whoever, and, though these themselves are not intending to help, but do not turn down both a work and active way of life.
3rd position: alien to the world. That those “enraged the olds” who accuse all over about for their unsuccessful fate, who believe nobody and want depend from nobody. Their age they perceive with contempt, and just because of this do not turn down a work.
4th position: self-alien. Such the people maybe are the very unhappy. They are passive, without interests and initiative, inclined to depression and fatalism. They feel alone and unnecessary, accounting their lives unsuccessful and in the death see any deliverance.
At last, 5th position: constructive. It is when people plan their lives and realized plans, are opened to new, interested in many things, intending to help others.

It would seem every of those who is finding “on deserve rest” wishes to occupy just 5th life position, not the 1st,  hardly 2nd and 3rd, most of all not 4th. Why then we see not so much elderly “constructivists”? An explanation may be given that is because of healthy lacks and forces emaciating. Such self-justification however does not appear convictive as there are evaluations that human health depends on 70—80% on us ourselves. It means these health and forces may be gained.

Adding to “My own experience of making myself healthier” (see higher) I want now to underline an especial significance of a constant cold irritating factors when the question is about how you might counteract the processes of elderly drooping or not to admit them at all. The factor is directly arising the level of our metabolism. The cold for this in general (cold hardening, for example) is justified because formerly, in times of Great Icehood, just owing to them the human Reason had begot and species Homo Sapiens appeared. Cold conditions were formerly natural for pre-people, if these had formed them. Now we, under civilization umbrella, are living in conditions of “cold-weightlessness”, at lack of cold irritating factors. This Reason having remained alive in times of climatic Neogen catastrophes, might return now a little to those conditions. Any cold “refreshing the Reason” is needed not only in order to overcome any elderly drooping. The healthy reason being in the healthy body, have more chances to cope with unresolved global problems threatening to the very civilization existence.  

* Vitamin for the age

There is a poem by Valentin Berestov, where he casted a glance at short-term human existence from point of view “lack of something”. Here is his logics: without air, water for drinking and food people may remain alive correspondingly some minutes, some days and some weeks; but if we are not given something (“what namely it is a big secret for us”) then, as statistics says, we are living in average about 7 tens years. In conclusive quatrain, showing a sample of amazing scientific thinking, V.Berestov set a problem:

What after all we need as air,
As water and as food
That our short years
Might turn into centuries?”

My answer this question so: vitamin for the age, what is lacking for majority of people,
it is creation, being possible when you aim at creative approach to the life.

, people really experience creative avitaminosis”. I think about it when see fans pursuing persistently their variety and sports idols. Perhaps, this diagnosis is confirmed in general as well when you think about manifold of shows and sports games (awfully claimed!) where spectators demonstrate abundance of emotions at quite poor their mental conveying. Juxtapose this phenomenon with Georg B. Shaw opinion: “Intellect, it is a passion. Descartes, without doubt, extracted from the life more joy, than Casanova did”. That were writers Nickolay Gogol and Romaine Rolland who said and wrote about the joy given by creative activity. Anton Chekhov was here the very expressive: “Who has experienced the delight of creation, other delights counts not existing”. A criminal thought: maybe people in masse deprive themselves of the greatest delight and even have not the sense to it?

In Lecture “Panoramic thinking as a research problem and educational project” I am going to present principles of the education aiming not only to develop creative abilities of pupils and students, but as well to restore giftedness, “oppressed” by inadequate teaching.

* Strategies of the Life recommended by the Nature

A stimulus to write this text gave Erich Fromm dictum: To realize that you ever die, it is very sad and bitter, but the thought that you will die, not having understood plainly what is the life, is merely unbearable”. Then, what inferences suggest themselves when one confronts his forthcoming life with that what proved by Nature and may be recommended?

Principle of tolerance (PT) – Nature does not strive for creating the single perfect organism, it gives the life divers and big “tolerances” – gives however not a big scope for narrowly specialized species to vary as those may only exist until their ecological niches are broken. In order not to be like such the species, we have to take into account: it is not worth limiting yourself with only one specialty, being only mono-specialist, linking your life only with one institution.

Intra-species diversity (male and female individuals, young and old, healthy and deceased) means that for a species, it is very important for surviving its under-fitness to current conditions of existence. So, there is a prompt: do and study even that what appears at all unnecessary; it may prove useful to the life.

Principle of energetic abundance of higher animals’ nervous system, gives a hint: be occupied with what your inner necessity prompts, go following your initiative.

Other recommendations “from Nature” were given above (see
Methodology to counteract the aging based on PT and its consequences: Organism’s level)

* Prof. Nickolay Arinchin’s principles of creating the health

These principles presuppose activating the pumping function of skeleton muscles and widening admissible (compatible with human life and health) conditions of existence, i.e. assist that diversity organism’s both inner milieu and environment be wider admissible. It means that Arinchin’s principles of homo-cybernetics and creating the health are in full agreement with PT at organism’s level and with both PT’s consequences, principle of sufficient informational diversity and principle of energetic abundance of organism’s nervous system. In other words, his homo-cybernetics and the program of health-creation, together with practical inferences from them may be conveyed by the motto: “Recommended by the Nature”.

* Idea proposed by Prof. Victor Maslov (Moscow)

The below is an excerpt of one of many his letters to me devoted to problems of getting healthier:

“The necessity ripens to re-orientate gradually the collective consciousness of humankind to the side of positive perception of that appearance of demographic layer of healthy, economical active and socially responsive long-livers is inevitable. Immediate task here is the fight against age discrimination, what reveal itself, in particular, in hardness with placing in a job after 50 year age, in rejecting insurance companies to insure life and health of clients of post-70 year age. With no salary and no social insurance, without adequate pensions and modern dwelling may not live even absolutely healthy and able-bodied long-liver. This the age discrimination having truly global character makes suffer many more people than anyone other discriminations do, and one may hope in a serious success only if there will be support of the UN and the international community."

Maslov idea is “from point of view” of those who had suffered or may suffer, mine is in any sense replenishing his, arguing that those who now are of post-70 year age might do something previously that the age discrimination could not be so strongly expressed. Moreover, the question is about that elderly people were getting of topical significance for the society.

* From point of the planetary responsibility view

Social problem of elder people set by Prof. Victor Maslov, may be included in many wider context. Strange to say, it arises not only its topicality, but chances to be solved.

- As Anthony Judge gives an evidence (http://www.laetusinpraesens.org/musings/implresp.php),  the threat of all-planetary crisis of inevitable overpopulation” in the world is not at all compressed, but rather on the contrary is ignored, at that the UN structure, Club of Roma, hierarchies of the main religious, “greens”, human rights fighters, adversaries of abortions are together making for this. Possibly, something in the human consciousness may move now, after the UN data were published about poverty: it appears the numbers of hungry people in the world exceeded 1 Bn. Here may not help “automation and productions without people”, if square of the arable lands is abridged at the population increasing.

- The symbols of ripened wisdom and longevity have really tarnished, but there is objective cause for this as the tempo of radical changes now higher than change of generations, and the wisdom of elderly people appears unnecessary and obsolete for younger people. It means that it’d be good for the now 40-year and even younger people to build strategies of their life taking into account their future retired status as otherwise they may in near future turn into “ballast of the society”.

- Now about a wider context. “Re-orientating collective consciousness of the humankind“ to the value of “healthy, economically active and socially responsible long-livers” may occur naturally, if amongst humankind overloaded with unsolved and not solved global problems appear people with sense of responsibility for the planet and all living on it. People may be forces to think in planetary scale “owing to” global crisis, especially if it getting keener. With Internet, elderly people, fully or partially having moved from work, might file earlier than other.

There are those who, whatever their age and working  status were, might promote ideas of human planetary responsibility in the life:

State leaders, politicians, public figures, military:

Planetary responsibility rules out basing and pursuing of selfish and nationalistic goals and tasks, especially those which allow military methods of their accomplishment; national goals, tasks and actions should be correlated with common human interests and civilization security.

Intellectuals, analysts, methodologists and other brain-working people:
Having realized their responsibility to both the people living and that of next generations they work for the creation of Strategy of secure sustainable development in harmonious symbiosis with Nature as a common, the most significance their affair, at that as the matter being urgent. For that they intend to overcome their disconnection (explained by mainly individual character of creative work), elaborate effective regalements of problem-resolving, partake in new educational strategy’s elaboration having the goal to teach creative activity in different areas as a standard of the life.

In essence, the question is about institualization of social intellect of global scale and significance. Really, the evolution of animals did not go past the cefalization, and appeared masse of new animals with brains on Earth. Experience of Nature as if prompts us: people, create all-humankind brain, it is your possibility to survive.

Their responsibility is especially hard executed as they are needed to give their kids, pupils and students in any sense more than they have themselves. Having used achievements of sciences on the human and having understood why the human mentality doesn’t cope with global problems, they will have to elaborate the 3rd Millennium level methodology and techniques of teaching, being adequate to challenges of the civilization and opening prospective of humankind’s progressive development.

Ecologists, biologists, workers of material production sphere:

Human striving for better life, i.e., in particular, for higher level of the consumption, is in conflict with possibilities of the planet to assimilate and re-make waste. Ecological imperative stays the task to organize all-planetary ecological monitoring and Strategy of Co-Evolution of Humankind and Nature, proved and correlated after the situation. The Strategy, being elaborated for production workers and ecological inspectorate up to concrete requests of the ecological imperative, would outline their spheres of responsibility.

Belletrists and artistic actors:

In worried conditions when the question hangs over «to be or not to be», thoughtless and completely entertaining fiction and art, especially if there are finding a place for esthetics of ugly and vulgar, are perceived as a kind of irresponsibility of creators, producers and investors. Adequate and proved value-containing orientation of creative people, taking into account their planetary responsibility, may help him to create artistic works being able to influence beneficially on moral climate of the society.

Those who are working with information and its technical providing:

Problems of common human scale need adequate information servicing, with scientific and technical conveying. Such problems are, for example, how to organize all-wide forum “To Happy Life on the Earth”, or a forum-resource to proceed express-referendums on common human problems, in separated time, in all the countries of the world.
Workers of media and advertising as having the most massive influence on the society should elaborate for themselves the sense of responsibility for clearness of inter-human space, what is direct to do with moral climate of the society.

Anton Chekhov was convicted: “A wish to serve common good should be indispensable need of the soul and condition of personal happiness”. The main invention of the 20th century, Internet, in 21st century is able to leave for this wish of elderly people to be realized unknown earlier possibilities. Owing to World Web
the problem of happiness, what may considered as including into itself all global problems facing the humanity, may already be for some decades the main subject not only for “experts on happiness”, but for all people, dreaming about more deserve and contained life and wishing to diminish masse of unhappiness in the world.


However paradoxically it is, solving the human happiness problem “for all” with efforts of many people may get even an imperative of humanity survival. Really, neither a megaton bomb delayed-action lays under our existence, if all Earth population, i.e. more than 6 Bn. people, are divided into one “Golden Billion”, consuming greater part of the world resources, and five “not-golden billions», forced to be satisfied with the rest? Just it, maybe, is the very convincing argument to start and carry out all-world intra-human dialogue, where elderly people might play a leading role as having the richest life experience.

Elderly people inclined
to solving such common human problems would enrich their life being realizing their over-personal values. It is known of social psychology that people having over-personal interests are more stable and more able to overcome life hardness without failing into depression or despair. There is the psychological effect remarked by ancient Greek wiser Plato who had been convicted:

“Being troubled about happiness of others, we find our proper one”. 

Really, we can imagine that millions of people taking a part in Internet discussions about happiness-unhappiness, giving advises and getting them, helping others and getting help from others, would experience many moments of the true happiness.   

For the subject to end: here is a masse of different language web resources on separate parts of problem of happiness-unhappiness uniting all existing now challenges and threats facing the civilization. Here are little selection of English language ones:

• Global Mindshift, having the motto: «Connect with people of all the world, working to build a global community»;
• New Civilization Network, Internet resource “linking the people who change the world”;
• p2pfoundationning.com P2P Foundation: “
We study the impact of Peer to Peer technology and thought on society”

• Yahoo portal having enters for Asks and Answers, supporting as well Human Survival group;
• SistainAbility.com: “We are a think tank and strategy consultancy working to inspire transformative business leadership on the sustainability agenda”;
• Towards a culture of sustainability: “Learn a new way to understand human cultural evolution and well-being.   Obtain a tool for improving group performance at any scale”;
• Noosphere.cc: “An interactive website for P2P people and other creative psychosocial thinkers using an integrative approach for psychological, social and cosmological sciences”;
www.happinessanditscauses.com.au Happiness and its causes;

www.wiserearth.org Wiser Earth having motto: “The Social Network for Sustainability”.

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